Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Who's watching the store?

Have you heard about the judge that is suing a cleaners because one of his pants were misplaced? And he's suing for $65 million. WTF?!? Gawd... its so scary. Its so scary because a judge is doing this! He's freaking-ass crazy and he's a judge for gawd sake!!

He needs to be bitch slapped!!

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm really proud to be an American. I'm not feeling it. Not like I use to... but then I was a lot dumber back then. Sigh.


Sue J said...

You have to wonder what designer label was in the pants! The American penchant for litigation seems to be spreading around the world. Used to be an accident was just that. These days people seem to think everything is an 'on purpose'.
The fact that it's a judge is certainly worrying. Let's hope he gets laughed out of court.

Sandy said...

YES hopefully the clown will be laughed out of court...crazy...

TopChamp said...

for HOW much? Is that how much it would cost to buy another pair?

Immoral weirdo.