Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Moon

Thanks to a 'heads up' from a friend who pointed out that tonight was a Blue Moon. Remember that song "Blue Moon.... you saw me standing alone..." If you do remember it, man are you old!!

I didn't learn what a blue moon was until several years ago, which means it took me way way too long to find out. For those who might just be whipper-snappers and not know yet, a blue moon occurs when there is a full moon for the second time within a month.

And speaking of 'whipper-snappers'.... if you've never been called this then you are probably waaaay too young to be reading some crusty ole crone's blog. The term whipper-snapper came from young inexperienced cowboys getting a hold of a bull-whip and making it snap... over and over and over again. Thus, whipper-snapper means a smarty-pants youngster.

I can remember my grandmother calling me it a few times, but she did it with a smile on her face.

And clod-hoppers. Know what that means?
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Night Lights

I was trying to capture some 'night' photos yesterday displaying the lights of the night. Considering my basic, inexpensive camera, it didn't do too badly. The one photo is of the neon sign of the cleaners across the street as seen through the trees.
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You know what really gets my goat... those automated telemarketing calls that try to make you think its someone you've done business with or something.

"Hello. This is a courtsy call from YOUR financial department....."
"It is IMPERATIVE that you call us."

Liars, plain and simple. I bet they catch a lot of elderly people with those lies. With sincere concern I say "I hope their karma catches up to them quickly."

Craft in America

Craft in America is a program on public television. I caught most of it yesterday evening and thoroughly enjoyed the program. Fortunately OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) does a lot of repeating of programs so I'm hoping to watch it again this Sunday. (Or if I'm awake at 2am Friday, I can see it then, too.)

Even though I'm not personally into crafting, the program is great and it certainly brings out an appreciation of those who do do crafting. (Basket weaving, quilting, glass blowing, jewelry making, pot throwing.... you name it.)

A google search should bring up some information about when you can see it in your neck of the woods.


My car was involved in a 'scrape and run'. She was the scrapee and the runner was, well, you insert the descriptive words... I'm trying to take the high road. Besides, there's nothing else I can do.

I went to the store this morning and didn't notice the 'gaping wound' until I came out of the store and was walking towards the car. ("poor baby... momma's here.") Based on the forensics, it didn't happen in the store parking lot. If it did, the other vehicle would have had to have been all up on the sidewalk and into the plants.... so no... didn't happen there.

Evidence based on the placement of said wound points to someone trying to pull forward into a parking space instead of pulling forward and then backing into the space in front of my apartments.

And I don't have a clue as to when it happened. My car has been parked for over a week. Lots of people have come and gone during that time, many of them just visitors. The one consolation is that the other car has got to have one BIG ASS scrape on its right side.

Poor baby. Oh, and the car, too.
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Hot Day is Expected

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I began stirring around 3:30am opening up both windows in an attempt to attract some of that coolness. ('both windows'.... yes, my apt. is that small.) There wasn't much of a breeze, but a little and I'm grateful for that.

I cooked dinner around 5am so that it would be done while I could still have the windows open. The success of this plan depends entirely on how much nibbling I can refrain from doing while the food sits on the counter calling to me. Burp. (gasp) oh... excuse me.

The Traveling Goddess had some problems getting all (four items) the weekly art up on her blog but she finally resolved the situation. The current project can be seen here. (There are several entries/posts so the link here is to the home page. You may have to scroll down to see the paintings.)

If anyone wants to join in, I'm sure it will be fine. Even lurkers. You can leave a comment here or at the Goddess' blog letting us know.

Oh... and to those currently doing it, who wants to pick the next subject matter(s)?? Its your turn.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blue on Blue

I like how these photos, taken at twilight, look so blue. The only thing I did with the photos was to crop and resize them. The blue came with the photographs.

Update on apt. G:
I can't remember where the saga left off, but "Larry" the drug dealer is gone and its been a lot more quiet around here. There is still some residue traffic in the middle of the night but that should be over with soon.

The tenant has been gone for the last two days. I saw her leave with a couple of her street friends and a small suitcase. I'm assuming its to let the place 'cool off', as it were. This morning there was a 24 hr. notice to vacate put on her door. The 24 hr notice doesn't mean she'll be out of here in 24 hrs, but its the first step needed in the eviction process. The length of time it takes depends on what the tenant does.

Apparently she had someone co-sign for her to get the apt. and they had excellent credit and references. The property management people have been putting pressure on the co-signer, as well. If this person is evicted via a court order then it goes on the co-signer's record as well. And people with good references do not want their record tarnished.

On a new subject, we're having 'a hot time in the ole town'. Its gonna be hot hot hot for the next couple of days. Unofficially it was 91 degrees at noon... but this was measured on a roof top downtown (lots of cement to reflect the heat).
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Monday Medley

Since today is a holiday I'm not sure about what to do with the art project we began with The Traveling Goddess. I know she's been really really busy and it is a holiday for the United States...

But I decided to go ahead and post my entry. Disclaimer... my art stuff is for fun and for me. Don't judge me too harshly because lord knows I don't know what I'm doing. That being said....

The thing for this past week was do something in yellow using an S/s and the number 7.

The yellow is obvious, the S can be seen in the background (several of them) and the number 7 is used for the seeds in the center of the sunflower.

If anyone wants to post theirs on their blog let me know (via comments here) and I will add a hot link to this post. These may still appear altogether on The Traveling Goddess' blog a little later. I'm just not sure.
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Stolen Bike?

Went outside and spied a bike sitting against a telephone pole. An abandoned (stolen and abandoned) bike? Its now been there a couple of hours. It was left there sometime between 3:45am and 7:45am this morning. I'll wait a bit longer to see if it sprouts wings and flies, then notify the police.

I suppose it could be part of a sting operation. It could be part of anything.

I believe its time for citizens to stand up and take note of things going on in their neighborhood. Police can't read minds, usually, and there's just too much crime even if its petty crime.

On the other hand I may be getting too suspicious and jaded. Perhaps I need to close my blinds and when I step out for the cigarette turn my head towards the wall so I can't see anything.

Speaking of crimes, the neighbor who I often smoke with said she was robbed Saturday night/Sunday morning. She works at a convenience store on the other side of town and it was robbed... but I gotta say it sounds just a tiny bit weird. I'm just saying.

She explained it thusly: Apparently she left the back door unlocked after taking cardboard out to the dumpster (or wherever they put it) and a guy in a ski mask came into the backroom of the store. Now how handy was that!! There are no video cameras back there. He waited until she went back there and scared the crap out of her.... told her to get the money out of the till and all the lottery tickets and bring them to him. He didn't leave the backroom so he wasn't on the survailence camera. And she complied.

She also failed to have the emergency silent alarm thingy that she could have pushed and she failed to even think about the emergency silent alarm button close to the till.

Now this is the woman who gets up into any and everybodies face shooting her mouth off. But maybe she does that only when she knows there are others around. Anyway, this guy didn't show or indicate he had a gun. I know people can freeze in scary situation, but my first thought was if he stayed in the backroom and hadn't shown a gun, hell, just run for the door.

Convenience store robberies happen all the time and what she's saying is plausible. But weird. All I can say is 'I don't know because I wasn't there.'
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Bikes Sprouting Like Weeds

We seem to be growing bikes around here. They're springing up like weeds!

I just stepped outside and saw a bike with helmet laying on the dirt of the lot next door. WTF? Its just laying there... not doing anything, ya know.

Next time I look (within a minute) I see a guy walking right up next to the fence... his pant leg still rolled up. He stood at the end of the fence for a while. Long enough for me to grab my camera and get it to start working. (both my camera and myself take a few moments to start working after a rest.) I stepped outside and took a picture. I don't know if he saw me or not, but I don't care.

Did he start to abandon it... or did he just set it down for a minute while he walked around looking guilty?

He then walked to the corner of the lot and stood facing the telephone pole. ?? When he turned, he was holding something in his hand... yellowish in color. A phone? I don't know. He walked slowly down our street and then into the lot to get the bike. He put on the helmet and rode off.

Was he trying to dump a bike or did he just set his bike down for a moment so he could walk around a lot full of dirt? Weird. And I'm getting paranoid, I think. Oh wait... there's a woman walking down the sidewalk pushing a stroller with a baby in it. I gotta go.

"Hey you... you pushing that stroller. Hold up. Is that really your baby or have you kidnapped it?!"
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

An Interview

Look for his other videos to see him in action. Fun to watch.

A Quiet Night

It was a quiet night. I am aware of only one person going to apt G, but no one answered and he left.

When mired down in craziness one has a tendency to forget what normal feels like. It feels good. Very good.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Next to Final Installment

Well... the police have been here again... and again, but I think they are gone for now.

Apparently Mary Alice (tenant in apt. G) called the police to come and get "Larry", the drug dealer (I heard one of the cops call his name) out of her place, which they did. Then she came back dragging her suitcase behind her... wearing her sunglasses even though it was dark outside.

I'm not sure why but the police returned after she settled in and was upstairs for a while. I stepped outside to talk to them as they left. They suggested I let the manager know everything that has happened so the eviction process can get started. (I think its already been started.) They said with the kind of friends Mary Alice has there will probably continue to be problems. She likes to help people out by letting them stay with her. Crackheads and whatnot.

In any event, Larry the drug dealer is out and Mary Alice is back... at least for now.

I titled this entry 'next to last installment' because the last installment will be when Mary Alice is also gone. I feel a little sorry for her, but she seems to bring these problems on herself. She seems to be a bit slow (mentally) or else she is on medication that affects her ability to think clearly.

Anyway, it feels like the drama is done for now. What a ride! I hope you didn't feel the need to throw up on some of those twists and turns. I'm going to settle in for a quiet night now.

Bucking the Drug Dealer

Lots of drama around here today, starting about 3 in the morning. Thats when I woke up to the traffic. Druggies coming and going as usual during the night, but around 5am it sounded like someone was fighting in the apt. above me. I had been waiting for something like that so I could call the police and they would have a reason to go into the apartment. But the fight didn't last long and there was nothing out of the ordinary by the time the police came.

Later, one of the other neighbors got into an argument with the drug dealer. (She has a mouth that will end up over riding her ass, if she's not careful.) Eventually they both calmed down.

During this heated "discussion" the drug dealer shared that he just recently got out of prison and had been there for 9 years. He's on parole. "So I don't want any trouble." Yeah, right.

There had been some talk that the woman who had rented the apt. told someone she was being held hostage. I can't confirm that, but thats what she apparently told someone. Later, some of the other tenants saw her leave with a bag and she told them she was going to Houston. Has she abandoned her apt.? I wouldn't be surprised because this asshole is intimidating.

Within an hour I heard all kinds of things being thrown around, hitting the floor, walls, and whatever. This lasted a good five minutes and there was no doubt that someone was getting their ass kicked. After calling the police I stepped outside because I didn't want to hear the violence. It was making me shake all over. The 'flight or fight' thingy.

While out there a female (a regular visitor to apt. G) came down the stairs crying and she left walking barefoot. She was fairly dark in color so I didn't or couldn't see any injuries, but she had to have had some injuries based on the sounds I heard.

I was still standing there waiting for the police and I noticed 4 white guys walking towards the apts waving all happy like at someone on the balcony. Apparently he waved them off because they stopped and then turned around and kept on walking. Then he stepped down the stairs far enough to see me and said "Everything's okay."

I stayed outside so I could explain to the police what had happened... I didn't want them to start thinking of me as an overreactive old crone. You know, crazy. So he knows who is calling the authorities.

The police weren't up there long. If there's no evidence, then there's not much they can do. Its only after you're dead that they can do something.

So... now I hear things being move or shoved around on the floor. Like furniture being moved. And...

OH BOY OH BOY... I just looked out the window and saw him putting a tv in a pickup. Oh lord, please let it be him getting ready to move from here. He knows the police are on to him. (I can smell the crack... maybe they are smoking up the evidence.) Oh please let it be. And if it is, I hope there isn't a parting gesture of arson.

(a little earlier I saw a guy leave carrying a plastic case that looks like what handguns come in.)

Damn.. the only thing the pickup took was the tv. I was hoping everything would be moved. Well, just got to wait to see what happens. He probably only has a few clothes anyway.

Although this might be entertaining to some and disturbing to others, what I am doing is documenting things in case I end up a homicide statistic. I don't think I will, but you just never know. This is evidence.

PS... the woman the dealer beat up earlier today came back for a few minutes. She was definitely high, jumping all over and extremely animated. Anyway, I got a good look at her face this time. Oh man... somebody whipped her good with an ugly stick. She is trim in the body, but the face is hurting. Manishly ugly and she looks like she could be 70 yrs old or more....feel a little sorry for her.


Synesthesia... now how KEWL is THAT!!

This is a word/condition that I only just heard about on NPR. It is a condition where someone sees or hears something and it brings up a color or ???. I know, I know. What kind of description is that, but I'm stumbling along anyway.

Its a neurological condition, apparently. A person with this ability looks at a letter and sees a color. This quote is a good explanation:

"One day," I said to my father, "I realized that to make an 'R' all I had to do was first write a 'P' and then draw a line down from its loop. And I was so surprised that I could turn a yellow letter into an orange letter just by adding a line."

– Writer Patricia Lynne Duffy, recalling an early experience

I found the above quote on wikepedia in the article about synesthesia. Reading the whole thing may help in explaining what it is... but whatever, it sure sounds wild. And its a good demonstration of just how little we know about how our minds/brains work. Just think how different this world may be if you were someone who could experience this.

I know my explanation here is lacking, but if it piques your curiousity, I suggest you google the word.

Update: Here's a place where you can hear about two people's personal experiences.

Friday, May 25, 2007

A Drug Deal in the Making

I noticed a guy just sitting in a pickup on Killingsworth st. I noticed him because he was just sitting there. The store across the street was closed. There didn't seem to be any reason for him to be there. I was and am hoping it was an undercover cop.

Soon one of the 'runners' came up and talked with him for a few minutes. Soon the drug dealer from apt. g came out and crossed the lot to the pickup. see entry below.
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Closing in

The guy in the white tee shirt is the small time dealer. He has just come out of apt. g above me to go and join up with the pickup. Not shown is that the two guys get in the truck with the white guy and they leave. (The female by the pu in the last of the pictures is a regular to apt. g. My suspicion is that she was going to see if the white guy wanted a prostitute. Apparently not. She was left standing on the street and she returned to apt. g.)
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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where's my coffee? oh... got it.

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My muse must be on break. I'm getting nothing. Actually, my muse must be subletting or something. I seldom get anything from her. Maybe I'm just missing a rebelious point she's trying to make... "If you're not going to use me, then I'm outta here!" Little does she know she's stuck with me. Just don't come whining to me. Everyone gets shitty assignments sometimes. It comes with the territory.

Did ya see The View yesterday when Rosie and Elizabeth butted heads? Incidences like that are the only reason I have the program on, but this spat lasted so long I began to feel uncomfortable.

I'm not a fan of either one of them. (I like Barbara and Joy, though.) They are both so rightously opinionated they're blinded to any other point of view. Extremes are always dangerous.

I don't know if I'll continue to have the program on after Rosie leaves... its hard to hear what is being said because they talk over each other. Oh... if they lucked out and got Whoopi to co-host, then I'd be there and I'd be paying attention, too.

A few cyber friends are having a 'weekly art assignment'... each takes turn deciding a subject matter and then we have a week to do something. Last week it was use a G/g, the color green, and the number four. You can see them here. And here....and here.... and here. (Sorry.. each one is their own post entry. If you want you can just go to the home page and scroll down to see them all together, although they are starting to move to the second page.)

Next Monday we have to use an S/s, the color yellow, and the number 7. They will be posted on the Traveling Goddess's blog.

We have some fools going around setting people's cars on fire. There have been seven cars burned in the last two or three days. Ya'll can have your opinions about things like the environment, and you can work to change laws, and you can picket to voice opinions... but when you start destroying other people's belongings and putting lives in danger, you've crossed the line. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THIS! The police have taken in three "persons of interest" and I have no sympathy for them. They crossed the line as far as I'm concerned.

Well I guess I better go do something. Maybe nap.

Update: The three 'persons of interest' have been arrested. Apparently the car arsonists were not making a political statement.... they were just having fun. WTF!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Nothing much going on here except for the increase in drug dealings. Good weather brings it out more.

Here's a guy waiting on the corner for his supplier. Here he comes in his nice little white pickup... pulled into the grocery store parking lot. The customer dashes over there and then walks away. The dealer then leaves.

If I could have gotten a clear picture of the license number of the pickup I would have forwarded it to the police.

Blogger seems to be having a little difficulty today... I hope this posts okay.

Added: ooops... my mistake. I hit the "draft" button instead of the "publish" one. hehehe Shift happens, ya know.
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"They tore down the trees and put up a parking lot..."

The bushes and tree were removed from the lot today. One of the workers came over to let me know what was going on... the plan is to level the lot and for now just put in a lawn.

Apparently the community college is planning on buying ALL the property on this block. They already own the large square building on the corner. It will probably take a couple of years because they have to get a bond passed first. Sounds like a move is in my future... again... if I'm still alive and kicking. Gawd I'm tired of moving, but I can now keep my eyes open for another place.

Having the community college take over this block is good in one way, but it also takes away more half-way affordable housing. Affordable housing that is not really affordable but less than most of the rentals in the city.

Earlier this week the police were displacing all the homeless people who live downtown. The story goes that they want them to go into shelters. What a joke that is... the shelters don't have room for all these folks. Maybe they're trying to clean up the streets in preparation for our Rose Festival that occurs the first week in June. "Quick Mable... toss all the garbage in the is coming!"
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Over coffee.....

Happy Monday. (yes, I had to look it up. I don't keep up with the days so much any more.) We're having a typical early spring day here in the Northwest. Sunshine illuminating the side of the house next door as dark, heavy, and moist clouds hang low overhead.

I just got back from the grocery store. I survived with still a few bucks in my pocket. Imagine that! Its a good day, Charlie Brown.
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I got some decent coffee on sale. Yahoo! Decent coffee means it doesn't come in a can. I'm not a coffee snob. I have my emergency can of Yuban sitting in the refrig, but there is a difference in the taste, fer sure. (My 'emergency backup coffee is over a year and a half old... I'm a little nervous about opening it up.)

I've decided today would be a good day to make a pot of chili. The days are going to begin warming up and this might be the last cool day and chili demands a cool day. I kind of use the term 'chili' loosely. Its a wuzz's kind of chili. I'm not into burning my tongue and throat and I've never understood how people can even taste chili that is super hot. In any event, I will need to get the beans on soon for the quick soak method of preparation.

Drama on the home front. Yesterday the woman who I smoke with saw a drug deal made in front of the apartments and the person returned to apt. G above me. The person was visiting there. The neighbor (I've got to come up with a nickname for her) went up there and really chewed out the person living in apt. G. And in no uncertain terms.


I asked how the woman responded and basically all she said was sorry. To be honest I don't think she had much of a chance to say much more.

My other neighbor, Wanda the sharecropper, seems to be making it a habit of knocking on my door and asking for a cigarette. That will be nipped in the bud. I don't mind here and there but when it starts to look like standard behavior, its got to be stopped. I'm such a bitch sometimes. I'm becoming more and more like my mother and thats a sad thing. On the other hand, I know if I had gobs of financial resources I'd probably be buying her a carton.

I watched the movie Million Dollar Baby on network tv last night. What a great movie... and its not really about boxing at all. Even with all the commercials (and editing to fit time slot) it was a great movie. I see why it won all those Oscars. Ya need tissue at the end, though. Sniff.

Seems like I had more subjects to yak about but they escape me at the moment. Its time for me to go fix another cup 'o joe and to get the beans ready for soaking. I've decided to use kidney beans, although I usually get pinto beans. Is there truly a difference?? I don't know and it doesn't seem important enough to test it out.

Talk to ya later.....

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Boston Legal... I've got to start watching this show!!

Have You Seen Me?

An internet Amber Alert... this child was abducted in Portugal. Yes, I know... its an ocean away, but if enough people post about the abduction on the net, perhaps someone somewhere will take notice. The internet is and has made this world much smaller now. Please go here to read more about the child and what has taken place...especially if you are on the European side of the Atlantic Ocean. Thank you.
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A Small Private Ceremony Was Held...

A small private ceremony was held for Bob "BuzzBomber" Fly yesterday immediately following the discovery of his remains. Although the immediate cause of his death is unknown, there was no evidence of foul play. He was found lying on his back on the window sill, feet straight up.

The tenant of the property where Mr. Fly was discovered was interviewed and could not provide any futher information.

"I'm innocent" she said. "Innocent, I tell ya! Yeah, I saw him flying around, but I didn't do anything to him. He was trespassing, ya know."

Apparently Bob Fly's ability to move at jet speed and his ability to see behind him may have contributed to his demise. The tenant, Crusty Crone, claims to have tried to remove him from her property by using a wide-mouth jar. She attempted several times to place the jar over him, slip a paper over the mouth of the jar and planned to take Mr. Fly outside and release him. After several failed attempts, Ms. Crone claims to have stopped trying.

"He was just too damn fast. And smart, too. He'd move into the corner of the window and stay there... I couldn't get the jar over him in a way that would trap him. Hell, I was just trying to help, ya know."

Friday, May 18, 2007

Diversity in the Hood

We've had a good assortment of characters at different times living here in the apartments. And the latest tenent to move here is very much a character. Very friendly, too talkative, and .... I don't know. Odd, perhaps. Or maybe its just me.

This is a quickly done loose sketch with a little colored pencil added in for good measure. Its just to give you a flavor, but it is not exaggerated. This is Wanda.... of the "James and Wanda" couple in apartment A. If I had to give one word to describe her it would be "sharecropper". A sharecropper with flashy rings that she wears on one hand... three to be exact.

Now don't be going and getting your knickers in a knot thinking I'm being a racist or anything because I'm not. What I'm being is a observationalist and reporting what I've seen. And using descriptions that give an accurate picture. Okay. Sort of an accurate picture... cause I don't know exactly what visions you conjure up when you hear 'sharecropper'. But I think it would be close to what I conjure up. Hard working country folk. Unworldly.

I already know too much about her. Last year she was in the hospital for 6 months. Thats a long time to be hospitalized. (She didn't mention if it was a physical problem or a mental one.) As a result of being hospitalized so long she lost her home. She had gobs of roses there, too. Her house payments were $1400 a month so it was too much to try to make up. (Really? $1400 a month?? hmmmmm... something doesn't seem to match up, but 'oh well'.)

When a youngster she bopped her brother on the forehead with a skillet and he had to have 24 stitches. He had been teasing her with snakes and she told him to leave her alone... thats what he gets for being so hard-headed. She's easy going and friendly, but only up to a point. If she gets ticked off, better stand back. (shades of "the crazy neighbor"... sigh.)

Yesterday she had James at the VA hospital all day long and Fed Ex delivered his medicine to their former residence... and the person currently living there signed for the delivery. And she's going to sue Fed Ex for letting anyone sign for their stuff. And it was medicine with narcotics in them!

This morning she shared that The Dollar Tree Store has pot pies...two for a buck! And they take food stamps now, too!

On a different subject.... I have a frigging Boeing 777 flying around here!! A big-assed fly got in when I opened the door. Its almost too big to kill... you know, the mess and all. I had thought of trying to get it to go back outside but that would mean leaving the door open while I "drove" the fly through it. (picture a cattle drive.) And there are relatives as big as he is flying out there. I'm not sure who this will end up but I hope I'm the victor! Wish me luck and good fortune, please.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"uh oh... I've been tagged!!"

Dusty Duck has tagged me. Be afraid, Duck. Be very afraid!

A. Attached or Single?


B. Best Friend.

Several, both in the flesh and in cyberspace

C. Cake or Pie.


D. Drink of Choice.

Water.... then Coffee

E. Essential Item.

PC with internet access

F. Favorite Color.

Yellow, greens, blues.....

G. Gummi Bears or Worms.

Aren't they the same?

H. Hometown.

Portland, Oregon

I. Indulgence.


J. January or February.

Either one... they're the same to me.

K. Kids.

No thanks... got plenty already. Five

L. Life is incomplete without:


M. Marriage Date:

August, 1961

N. Number of Siblings.

Two... older brother, younger sister.

O. Oranges or Apples.

Both, but I'd probably grab an apple first.

P. Phobias/Fears.


Q. Favorite Quote.

There's way too many good ones to have one favorite.
"Old age ain't for sissies!" attributed to Betty Davis, comes to mind.

R. Reasons to Smile.

A sunrise, birds singing, extra money in the ole pocket.

S. Season.

Spring or autumn

T. Tag Three Others

I don't know of three other bloggers who haven't already been tagged.

U. Unknown Fact About Me.

All three of us siblings are "half-siblings"... half brother and half sisters.

V. Vegetable I Love.

I have only come to appreciate veggies as an adult. I guess I'll take the old standby boccoli with cabbage a close second.

W. Worse Habit.


X. X-ray or Ultrasound.

Neither, but either one will do in a pinch.

Y. Your Favorite Foods

Homemade bread.

Z. Zodiac.

Za Za's Zinging Zodiacs. Born under the sign of Cancer.

Monday, May 14, 2007


"mumble mumble muddars day." Thats what I heard when I answered the phone early Sunday... Mother's Day. I had a short one-sided conversation with my grandson Darius. (His contribution still consists of "uh huh.... uh huh..... uh huh" in answer to all my questions.)

Then I had a nice chat with my daughter, Candace. She brought me up to date with what she wanted me to know. She doesn't tell me everything that is going on with her and that is perfectly okay with me. I don't want to spend all my time worrying about her. Gilding the lily is fine with me!! What I don't know, won't hurt me.

The rest of the day was very uneventual and quiet.

Today and tomorrow its going to be warm. I spent 20 minutes or so in line at the post office this morning. I had some odd sized envelopes to mail and needed to get some 2 cent stamps. Oh... and get this! I also went to the grocery store and got some over-priced lettuce. Now how awesome is that, fer gawd sake. Be still my heart.

I gotta go figure out what to have for lunch now. Another highlight of my day.
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Saturday, May 12, 2007


This little guy took his time eating his nut...enough time to allow me to grab my camera and take several shots of him through my dirty window. After I was done, he jumped down and began looking for more buried nuts in the yard next door. (and you wondered why little sapplings kept springing up in your yard. "WTF?")

The price of a first class postage stamp goes up two cents on Monday. I will need to count how many one cent stamps I will need to buy. Oh heck, who am I kidding. I'll probably just put two regular (but outdated)stamps on my envelopes. Thank God the postal service will be selling "forever" stamps... stamps that will be honored even after the next price increase.

My neighbor who lives above me is hiding out from people.
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A sloppy looking woman knocked on her door. I heard the neighbor walk to the door but she didn't open it. (peep hole) Now the woman is camped out on the top stair waiting for her. I predict the call of nature might be the one sure way of getting her to leave.
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Friday, May 11, 2007

Truth in the disguise of Fiction?

I find that Law & Order tells truth in the guise of fiction, no doubt to avoid retribution. This week its about the treatment of veterans after their return from the war by choice. Shameful. Absolutely shameful. I would suggest that one doesn't disregard this program as pure fiction.

"Don't worry. They are here to help you."

Now here's a wild and original blog. I snatched it from Greywaren Art. And I found her blog as a result of a recommendation of Dusty Duck. Gawd, its a wonder I can find my way home at night.

Lori Andrews' youtube watercolor demonstration

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Universe Screwed Up Again

The Universe knows I expect to sit down without any training or practice and spew out masterpiece after masterpiece. Man, what a bummer. Anyway, I call this practice 1.

It was frustrating to do. There really isn't any room here to have out painting equipment and talk about dangerous... I had to set water out next to the pc. Fortunately the only "oops" that happened was when I plunged a paint brush into my coffee cup. I didn't notice it at first. Only when I went to use it again.

I think I should stick to flowers for a while.... or misty landscapes. Sigh. And practice... at least once in a while.

I'm bummed. It looks nothing like the dramatic painting I have in my head.
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