Saturday, May 26, 2007

Next to Final Installment

Well... the police have been here again... and again, but I think they are gone for now.

Apparently Mary Alice (tenant in apt. G) called the police to come and get "Larry", the drug dealer (I heard one of the cops call his name) out of her place, which they did. Then she came back dragging her suitcase behind her... wearing her sunglasses even though it was dark outside.

I'm not sure why but the police returned after she settled in and was upstairs for a while. I stepped outside to talk to them as they left. They suggested I let the manager know everything that has happened so the eviction process can get started. (I think its already been started.) They said with the kind of friends Mary Alice has there will probably continue to be problems. She likes to help people out by letting them stay with her. Crackheads and whatnot.

In any event, Larry the drug dealer is out and Mary Alice is back... at least for now.

I titled this entry 'next to last installment' because the last installment will be when Mary Alice is also gone. I feel a little sorry for her, but she seems to bring these problems on herself. She seems to be a bit slow (mentally) or else she is on medication that affects her ability to think clearly.

Anyway, it feels like the drama is done for now. What a ride! I hope you didn't feel the need to throw up on some of those twists and turns. I'm going to settle in for a quiet night now.


Anonymous said...

well good I feel better knowing that guy is out of there... Offer is still open if you ever need it...

Wanda said...

Thanks for the update. You know real life makes better books than fiction.....Crone...when are you starting the book!

Stay safe!!!

Sue J said...

I'm glad things have settled down for you and that you are safe. It sounds a really scary place to live. Take care. Hugs Sue :-))