Monday, May 28, 2007

Stolen Bike?

Went outside and spied a bike sitting against a telephone pole. An abandoned (stolen and abandoned) bike? Its now been there a couple of hours. It was left there sometime between 3:45am and 7:45am this morning. I'll wait a bit longer to see if it sprouts wings and flies, then notify the police.

I suppose it could be part of a sting operation. It could be part of anything.

I believe its time for citizens to stand up and take note of things going on in their neighborhood. Police can't read minds, usually, and there's just too much crime even if its petty crime.

On the other hand I may be getting too suspicious and jaded. Perhaps I need to close my blinds and when I step out for the cigarette turn my head towards the wall so I can't see anything.

Speaking of crimes, the neighbor who I often smoke with said she was robbed Saturday night/Sunday morning. She works at a convenience store on the other side of town and it was robbed... but I gotta say it sounds just a tiny bit weird. I'm just saying.

She explained it thusly: Apparently she left the back door unlocked after taking cardboard out to the dumpster (or wherever they put it) and a guy in a ski mask came into the backroom of the store. Now how handy was that!! There are no video cameras back there. He waited until she went back there and scared the crap out of her.... told her to get the money out of the till and all the lottery tickets and bring them to him. He didn't leave the backroom so he wasn't on the survailence camera. And she complied.

She also failed to have the emergency silent alarm thingy that she could have pushed and she failed to even think about the emergency silent alarm button close to the till.

Now this is the woman who gets up into any and everybodies face shooting her mouth off. But maybe she does that only when she knows there are others around. Anyway, this guy didn't show or indicate he had a gun. I know people can freeze in scary situation, but my first thought was if he stayed in the backroom and hadn't shown a gun, hell, just run for the door.

Convenience store robberies happen all the time and what she's saying is plausible. But weird. All I can say is 'I don't know because I wasn't there.'
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Sandy said...

I'm with you, that really sounds fishy...Maybe she'll show up with new clothes or a new happy hat or something..

Is the bike still there....

I think in your case its' important to watch what is going on since you live in the midst of it and it could affect you.

stay safe...