Monday, March 30, 2009


 I've been nursing a painful dental problem for a couple of days. Luckily for me, last week a friend had given me a few of her industrialized strength Ibuprofen... 800 mg. That has been helping a lot. Its at the point now where the pain is not continuous, as long as move very gingerly.

I won't have the art challenge #3 ready for a while, so please continue on with it. I'll catch up once I can focus.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coffee First

 Ya know you should have made the coffee first when you grab the Windex to clean the exterior of the coffee pot and you end up spraying it with Fabreze. Best smelling coffee pot around!
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art Challenge 2

Ballpoint pen. The reference source can be found (here)on Sandy's Everyday Art blog.

I chose to put an eye in for the old king. The background took the longest time so I adjusted it. (that means I decided to stop.)
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The Peasants are Revolting

No, I don't mean 'revolting' as in making one sick. I mean the peasants are taking to the streets today, throughout the nation, to express their anger over the arrogance and greed of the financial royals.

The congressmen conducting the congressional investigation of AIG are playing to their public. "I'll show my voters that I'm watching out for them. Should get me some more support and campaign contributions." But they are yet again a day late and a dollar short. They are expressing their anger at the wrong person.

The current head of AIG was in the hot seat yesterday as the congressmen chewed into AIG. What needs to be kept in mind is that the current CEO was talked into coming out of retirement and taking on this gawd awful job at the request of the government. The senators are singing to the choir. Sigh. But its a good show. And I'm sure many voters are glad there was some yelling going on.

I'm kind of hoping there is a HUGE number of protestors so its overwhelming in its numbers. (I say 'kind of' because it would be a traffic nightmare.)

I'm yaking about this because several months ago I was saying that the peasants should revolt... and now they are.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Watch Out... I've been Tagged

Sue J has tagged me:


Simple and straight forward. Just have to come up with six things....

1. I've never had to change a flat tire myself. If one stands next to their leaning car long enough, someone will come to the rescue. However, the older I become the longer it takes.

2. I worked in an airplane factory for six months, until the company moved to California. I worked the assembly line putting rubber bands in the mix. It was a toy airplane factory.

3. I forged my senior year report cards from school. I didn't fudge on the grades, just the amount of time I was absent. I skipped a lot of school that year. I didn't get any flack for lousy grades either. No one gave a shit.

4. I was 21 yrs old when I got my first driver's license.... even though I swore I would get it when I turned 16. Ya gotta have a car to practice in before trying.

5. I haven't used the dishwasher in a couple of years. It doesn't work well and I have to clean the dishes before hand anyway, to why waste the energy.

6. I need to dust my ceilings. I almost walked into a hanging dusty web. If I don't take care of the web when I first see it, I seem to block it out of my sight.

I made it. I'm not going to tag any specific people, but please jump in and share six things about yourself. Then tag six of your people. (an evil cackle could be heard.)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Its Snowing

 It snowed Saturday night/Sunday morning and everything was covered. It was one of those snows where its fine to go "awwww... look how pretty it is!" because you know it will not be sticking around. And true to form, the next time I looked outside the sidewalks and streets were completely clear of any white stuff.

I just looked outside and its snowing again!?! WTH? But once again I can go "awwww... look how pretty it is!" because its not cold enough to be concerned. And it is pretty, when you know everyone is safe.

I haven't been able to get/stay online this weekend. I hope I'm able to catch up on my reading today.
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Friday, March 06, 2009

Sunshine on my Shoulder

 A sunny but cold day. I went to the store earlier. Got some frozen cranberry juice. 100% juice. Just not 100% cranberry. The main ingredient is apple juice among many other things. Also a little plum juice tossed in for good measure. I can understand why the apple juice... got to do something to make it a little more tasty.

I just wanted to put something up to hold my place.
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Art Challenge 1

Cat Boy.

I had trouble saving the reference photo to my pc. Since I wouldn't have the photo handily available to reference, I decided to simply draw a combination cat boy from my imagination. Colored pencil. Sketch book.

Sandy's art blog will have links to all the other entries.
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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Art Challenge

Would someone donate a photograph we could use for an 'art challenge'? (I don't take enough photos to pick from and I don't want to rip off someone else's.)

Everyone is welcome to join in on the 'challenge'. Lets pick Sandy to be the 'holder' of the links. We will each create our interpretation of a photo, post it on our blog and then let Sandy know its available. (Sandy...okay?)

The 'challenge' is not a competition but a personal challenge to get something done. (chuckling) Well, its a challenge for me, anyway. All are welcome to participate. (even lurkers) Is a deadline of a week too much or too little? A person could do more than one version of a challenge also. I think this is on the order of the blog Different Strokes, Different Folks (or something similar)... the link is on Sandy's art blog if you wanted to take a look. Ours is just smaller in scale.

I'm rambling. The only rule is that there really aren't any rules. Any media, any interpretation... one could go for capturing the emotion of the photo, or craft a symbol of the photo contents, or anything.

I hope someone comes up with a photo by tomorrow evening. If not, I've got a photo of Laura's in mind, but I would have to get her permission to use it. I'm still rambling.

(Brenda, I hope you join in, too.)

Added: Go here to see what Sandy has posted for us to pick from.

Assumptions (for adult eyes only)

I saw a segment on one of the morning talk shows about saving grocery money by storing produce properly. At the very end of the segment the woman said that bananas could even be frozen. This is where I made a bad assumption. Do you know where this is going? I assumed that the banana would still be a banana after defrosting.

I was dubious. Frozen bananas? hmmmmmm. But what do I know... not that much, so I decided to try it. I stuck two bananas in the freezer a couple of days ago. The other two I ate.

This morning I defrosted them to check on the outcome. The woman was correct in that the bananas could be frozen. It was my assumption that was wrong. My assumption that they would still be bananas when defrosted. Wrong. We won't even talk about the appearance of the frozen banana peel, but that was my first clue that all was not well.

The bananas came out looking like a pussy-whupped penis with the clap.

The learning experience that I am sharing is to ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR OWN INSTINCTS!!

Know-it-all people you see on tv don't always know it all. What the hell was she thinking. What the hell was I thinking. Listen to yourself first and always be respectful of your instincts. Let someone try the idea first, then if it works... there ya go. This idea doesn't work.

Art Appreciation

 Want to increase your personal appreciation for art that others have created? Just try it yourself. BWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA

I consider this colored pencil drawing incomplete. The counter top needs improvement. And lets not even look at the cup handle (left side). Wait! I said lets not even look at it, okay? Instead, look at that apple. I like how the apple turned out.

It sure takes a lot of pencil to cover large areas of the background.

Phobe... I just saw a piece on Phobe Snow on Sunday Morning. Gawd, I love her voice. And the lyrics of her songs touch my heart each and every time. I am SOOOO glad she's back performing again. I remember when I was in my thirties I would play her songs over and over again. She's just awesome!! And what a strong lady. If you get a chance, check her out. If you like her, give her some support and buy her album. If you feel like it.
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