Sunday, April 30, 2006

Its Sunday

Like the title? Its so darn original, isn't it. It is evidence of my creative ability today.

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Kind of says it all.....

I was reading some blogs this morning and once again a lesson in the power of the pen was demonstrated. I came across a blogger who seems to have very strong feelings about illegal immigrants. Strong negative feelings. I left her blog feeling very negative myself. Will this lesson for me stick this time? I don't know but it has caused me to temper my writeup about it. An ironic twist is that this person's last name is Slavic in nature, which would indicate immigration. Warning...opinion coming: her art is sick and twisted, too. Shudder.

We had rain yesterday. (yes, I have to talk about the weather in order to have something to say.) Today is sunny.

Saturdays I watch the BBC's comedies on the public channel since that is the best of the choices available. Up to this time I was not particularly impressed with the programs. Part of it could be a result of different cultures, but now I see it might be because of weak writing. Up until this time I was watching the last in the various series and we all know how a good comedy can peter out at the end of its lifetime. Last night I found myself laughing out loud several times. I think its because they have started showing the series of episodes all over again and the programs and writing is fresh and funny.

I find myself having the responsibility of a living thing... again. A plant. I made the mistake of saying to one of my friends that I thought I might be getting close to being ready to have a plant and I might be asking for a cutting soon. Before I knew what happened I was standing there with a very healthy mid-size plant in my hand. I've had it for little more than a week and there is a yellow leaf on it. Sigh. Maybe it was from the environment move... maybe not. I'll have to wait and see. Wish, wish the plant luck and good care.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Life in the Hood

Was life any safer in the "olden days"? Hard to tell since history is written after the fact and in the "olden days" they didn't have the same ability for mass communications as we do now.

Our chief of police is under investigation for having a sexual affair with an employee several years ago. He gave the impression of being a decent guy but he apparently couldn't keep his pants zipped. His taste in women leaves a lot to be desired, too. She seems to have lived a tough life. I bet the sex wasn't worth what he's going through now. I would have thought he had more intelligence than what he's displayed... but 'my bad'.

Then our director of the State's Liquor Control Commission got arrested for DUII after crashing into another car. Although she stated she only had a couple of glasses of wine over a 4 or 5 hour period of time her blood alcohol level was twice what the legal limit is.... she has turned in her resignation. I'm guessing she was asked to do so.

Yesterday there was a drive-by shooting about four blocks away. It was steps from a high school. A 15 yr old was hit and he's currently recovering in the hospital.

In the middle of the night I saw a police car cruising through the area using its search light, obviously looking for someone. I then heard on the news that three fires were started two blocks away. We've got a lot of mentally ill people roaming the streets due to lack of money for funding mental hospitals. Maybe that has something to do with it. Or maybe just bored kids... too soon to know.

Picasa - free photo software

A friend told me about Picasa, from Google... free software for dealing with your photographs. I personally haven't used it yet but will probably give it a try soon. It sounds better than the HP PhotoSmart I currently use.

The Dark Ages

The human species has so very far to go to reach being civilized. We should be living in caves as evidence of our current "civilized ways". Oh wait... millions already do live in caves.

Darfur. First genocide of the 21st century and we are living it now. One can only guess at what our future generations will think of this time in history...this time of mass murder and mayhem. They will probably snicker at our ignorance much like we do now when we think of people believing the earth was flat.

The inhumanity of man boggles the mind.

Edit: Now the UN is slashing funding for food because of lack of funds. Apparently life is not sacred after all.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

How about a cottage tour?

I came across an article from Cottage Living magazine about artist Lynn Hanson and how she's renovated her California beach cottage to accommodate her and a studio. I thought others might like to take a look too.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Are You Good at Bartering?

Following links from an article on msn's home page I came across someone who is using his blog, his personality, and he started with a red paper clip, and he's going to barter it up and into a home for himself. Here's the blog. If you just want a quick read, here is the msn article that explains things well.

No one is disputing that the bartering has turned into more of a 'love fest' for the guy, Kyle MacDonald, and several of the trades were blatant helping hands, more than trades... nonetheless, it is an excellent example of the magnetic energy generated by an enthusiastic, can-do attitude, with a touch of joy emanating from the heart, can accomplish.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Delightful Excursion

I just came across a site giving a tour of an artist's home and whimsical gardens and I wanted to share it. Its called Weird Gardens. For maximum enjoyment, I suggest you view it when you are not feeling rushed. And be sure to check out the gallery if you are into mosaic art... very interesting and fun.

(It also have 5 second video clips to watch, too.)

I hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Down Cycle

"They" say life is circular... filled with up cycles followed by down cycles. I gotta tell ya, the up cycles don't compensate for the down ones. My up cycles seem to be flat... until I fall off into a down cycle.

I try to avoid confrontations with life but sometimes it has a way of seeping in under the door. Like now. I've got family members in dire straits and it ripples out to touch others in one way or another. Add to that I have several friends who are having to look at intense life situations dead in the eyes. And there's nothing I can do to help in any of the cases. Its like trying to hold your breath until the other hatchet falls. You know what I mean. You know the feeling... tight tenseness.
And the only thing I can do is wait.

And while I'm waiting, life is slapping around my reality. We had an Amber Alert today. Technically it was in Washington but the city of Vancouver is just across the bridge and its like a neighborhood. A witness saw a young girl get snatched off her bike... all indications are that it was a kidnapping. Broad daylight, busy street across from a police building, people all over the place but only one witness. We've had gobs of attempted kidnappings going on and this one seems to have been successful.

Humanity is going crazy. Crazy, I tell ya!

I had an errand to run and driving back I saw young people behaving like low-life thugs. And they're going to grow up and become low-life adults... without a chance for a decent life. How much of that is due to environment and upbringing and how much of it is simply who they were born to be. With their attitudes they don't have a chance. And it ripples out from there.

I've gotta go listen to Tolle... and do some meditation. Ohmmmmmmmm

Update: The Amber Alert was called off. Apparently some of the details of information doesn't add up to what the witness said and no one has reported a child missing. So the outcome is looking better for the child, if there was one, but its not looking so great for the witness. I hope everything turns out for the best.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Symptom free....

...for two whole days!!

Two weeks ago I watched "mom's" (my youngest daughter) wee one for a few hours. He, of course, had a cold. He always has a cold. In fact I can't remember when or if I've ever seen him without a cold.
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After feeding him something messy I began to gather up the stuff off the coffee table and I slapped the spoon into my mouth. My hands were full. As soon as I did that I froze. "Oh man.... I shouldn't have done that!"

After two days, my eyes started feeling scratchy, my nose began to run, and coughing and sneezing ensued. It took a full seven days before the symptoms began to subside. Just in time for the wee one's birthday party.

At the birthday party, 'mom's' first born had his own cold going... one of those real messy ones. Yuck.
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I reminded myself that I just needed to make sure to not to put anything in my mouth or rub my eyes or nose without washing my hands first. Did that work? I don't know. Darius insisted I share his Sugar Daddy with him. And I mean INSISTED.

Picture a two year old sitting on my chest, holding my nose closed so I was forced to breath through my mouth... and the contaminated Sugar Daddy was firmly inserted into mouth. "Here gra-ma, Here!"

Now he may not have been sitting on my chest, but he was that insistent. And I'm such a push over (he wouldn't let me go!!) that I surcome to the sharing. And just to make sure I was shared upon good, he brought another sucker for me to taste.

Since the first cold was just waning I wondered if the second group of cold germs would become confused and think they were part of the first group... you know, the group that was just leaving. But Noooooooooo.... Apparently the germs know they are the second coming. I am now sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose. Sigh. Working on my second box of tissue.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thirteen Million Dollars a Year

13 million dollars a year.... that's what Katie Couric made and what Matt Lauer will be making for the next five years. He's cute, but not that cute. And I can't imagine what Katie will be making with CBS. But this is America, folks. The land of opportunity.

I wonder what percentage of taxes they pay or will have to pay. My cynical self says 'not much'.

We can't have national or universal health care. We can't get our schools funded or pay teachers enough to keep the good ones around, but a talk show host...well, you know where this goes.

We can bomb other countries using weapons that can find their way into a smoke stack, but we can't get people out of harms way of a hurricane, or build decent levies... and we leave dead bodies in the street. But a celebrity...well, that's a whole different story. We can send people to the moon and cameras to Venus but we can't get trailers from here to there.

I don't get it. It just doesn't make any sense at all.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Are We Too Complacent?

Our "freedom" as a nation is being eroded, slowly and not so slowly. Have we become too complacent?

From the program Boston Legal... click on "Stick It" and listen to a viewpoint you may be familar with... or not.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Am I being biased?

Considering yesterday's post, I was thinking that some might be saying I'm biased. Please....please rest assured in knowing that Yes, I am biased. And there is done more biased than those who are sharing an opinion.

Females make very stupid choices, too, as evidenced by teachers having sexual relations with a student or them thinking "They said they loved me...they would never hurt me." It just seems that males are so good at it. But its a neck-and-neck race, to be sure.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It must have been lack of oxygen....

... lack of oxygen to the brain. You know, all the blood flowing else where. What else could explain the utter stupidity of the fourth ranking official in the public affairs office of Homeland Security. Was this position filled as a policial payoff? A 'good ole boy' payoff? These are the "competent" people running the show, people. I'm scared... I am very very scared.

And what is this with the male species?!? The internet is certainly illuminating by giving a glimpse of how many sexual deviates there are... and they are EVERWHERE. Its overwhelming at times. Scary.

Is the internet promoting the activity... or just exposing it? I suspect it is just exposing it.

I wonder if the species will ever be fully civilized. I have big doubts, big doubts indeed.

Damn. One of my high priority goals is to release all judgment. Oh man, do I ever have a lot to work on with that one. (I ain't doing too good with my other goals, either... but I keep plugging along.)

A vent... and I'm sputtering

I just received an email from a friend. Its one of what I call 'manual viruses'... an email that contains instructions to send it on to four or seven or ten other people and good fortune will smile on the sender within four days. If its not sent on, then doom and destruction will come to that one who broke the chain. Well, bullshit. I NEVER send these things on and I'm still here and nothing has happened to me.

This last one I received, as with most of the others, is Christian in nature touting that God will bless me if I send out an email. But this one is more offensive to me because it says if I don't send it on to other people someone I love will die. Yes. That's right.... DIE. WTF?!

Is the term 'extortion' familiar to you? Christian extortion?

Perhaps I should send my friend a reply saying "Its been nice knowing you. Go with God" since I'm not sending the email on to others and my friend could be the "loved one" that dies. If I was mean, that's what I'd do... but I'm not mean enough for that. And mainly its because my friend is so superstitous it would turn her into a wreck. She'd probably unconsciously walk in front of a bus because of her crazy beliefs.

If "my" God kills someone because I didn't send out an email, then let me raise my hand to volunteer to be the one to die. Fortunately, this doesn't reflect the actions of all Christians.

Brain people, Brain. You have one... why not use it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Shhhh.... I'm babysitting

I'm babysitting and the wee one is asleep. I do believe its going to be one of the easy as pie sessions. One yr old Vyron (whose name has now been officially changed) was brought over late-ish, around 8:30pm. He looked tired... had probably fallen asleep in the car... plus he has his continous cold thingy going on, too. (Big bruddar, Darius, was staying the night with a family friend.)

I had told 'mom' to bring Vyron some food for him since I haven't been to the store lately. She sent yogurt. Two containers of fruit yogurt, fer gawd sake. They don't call me gramma for nuthin', know what I mean? This child, if he's to be content, needs solid food. He needs some sleep enhancing comfort food. He needs real food. But he had to settle for what I had available. And he needs his rest. (gramma rubbed her hands together slowly as a wicked snicker escaped from her sly mouth.)

I fixed him some fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, and a cup of orange juice.... and he was grubbing! As grubbing as one can get with only a couple of nubs sticking up through his gums... just enough to clank on the silverware. And as I had hoped, when he was done he toppled over on the couch and went to sleep. Okay, maybe not immediately, but certainly in baby-terms, he went to sleep quickly.

And now, lucky me, 'mom' just called to say she's on her way to get him. They didn't go to the movies after all... just had dinner.

Yes, an easy session it was.