Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Quick... feel my forehead!

Is it hot? I feel weird. Strange, even. Something is amiss. I just reorganized some kitchen cupboards! What's up with this? And I'm not expecting company or anything. I even delayed dinner just to finish it up. What the hell is this all about?

Well... all I can say is if anyone says there's no such thing as miracles, boy do I have a story for them. Maybe I overdosed. You know, too much sunshine or sumpin'.

Where are the asprins?


Sandy said...'re on a roll..plain and simple...a roll....keep on rolling and you'll be so orgnaized you won't know what happened. But what I want to know is ....DID YOU MAKE ROOM FOR YOUR ART CORNER...yeah I thought not...hahaha..

Sue J said...

It must be a pandemic as I am suffering from the same thing! I think it's called spring-cleaning in your hemisphere. Down here in the antipodes it's called 'It's about time!!' I get asked who's coming to visit. Housework is not my forte :-)))

The Crusty Crone said...

Sue J said:

"Housework is not my forte."


Seems like some were born to clean, some to build, and others to invent. I've decided I must have been born to observe. Yeah, thats it... I'm an observationist.