Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where's my coffee? oh... got it.

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My muse must be on break. I'm getting nothing. Actually, my muse must be subletting or something. I seldom get anything from her. Maybe I'm just missing a rebelious point she's trying to make... "If you're not going to use me, then I'm outta here!" Little does she know she's stuck with me. Just don't come whining to me. Everyone gets shitty assignments sometimes. It comes with the territory.

Did ya see The View yesterday when Rosie and Elizabeth butted heads? Incidences like that are the only reason I have the program on, but this spat lasted so long I began to feel uncomfortable.

I'm not a fan of either one of them. (I like Barbara and Joy, though.) They are both so rightously opinionated they're blinded to any other point of view. Extremes are always dangerous.

I don't know if I'll continue to have the program on after Rosie leaves... its hard to hear what is being said because they talk over each other. Oh... if they lucked out and got Whoopi to co-host, then I'd be there and I'd be paying attention, too.

A few cyber friends are having a 'weekly art assignment'... each takes turn deciding a subject matter and then we have a week to do something. Last week it was use a G/g, the color green, and the number four. You can see them here. And here....and here.... and here. (Sorry.. each one is their own post entry. If you want you can just go to the home page and scroll down to see them all together, although they are starting to move to the second page.)

Next Monday we have to use an S/s, the color yellow, and the number 7. They will be posted on the Traveling Goddess's blog.

We have some fools going around setting people's cars on fire. There have been seven cars burned in the last two or three days. Ya'll can have your opinions about things like the environment, and you can work to change laws, and you can picket to voice opinions... but when you start destroying other people's belongings and putting lives in danger, you've crossed the line. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THIS! The police have taken in three "persons of interest" and I have no sympathy for them. They crossed the line as far as I'm concerned.

Well I guess I better go do something. Maybe nap.

Update: The three 'persons of interest' have been arrested. Apparently the car arsonists were not making a political statement.... they were just having fun. WTF!


Sue J said...

Thanks for the morning giggle :-))
I love the slogan at the top. It's true it is expensive!!
Hugs Sue
(why are some word verifications really long and others short?)

Sandy said...

Enjoyed the post. Can't yak cause I gotta go eat...but I sure enjoyed it..I don't know if I can fit this art project in..wish I could..but I missed doing the last one too...

TopChamp said...

Hello! Nice to see you're feeling cheerful today.....?

Art project sounds interesting - I'll look forward seeing them.