Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"They tore down the trees and put up a parking lot..."

The bushes and tree were removed from the lot today. One of the workers came over to let me know what was going on... the plan is to level the lot and for now just put in a lawn.

Apparently the community college is planning on buying ALL the property on this block. They already own the large square building on the corner. It will probably take a couple of years because they have to get a bond passed first. Sounds like a move is in my future... again... if I'm still alive and kicking. Gawd I'm tired of moving, but I can now keep my eyes open for another place.

Having the community college take over this block is good in one way, but it also takes away more half-way affordable housing. Affordable housing that is not really affordable but less than most of the rentals in the city.

Earlier this week the police were displacing all the homeless people who live downtown. The story goes that they want them to go into shelters. What a joke that is... the shelters don't have room for all these folks. Maybe they're trying to clean up the streets in preparation for our Rose Festival that occurs the first week in June. "Quick Mable... toss all the garbage in the is coming!"
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Sandy said...

Wow i hope you don't get squeezed out there...Very interesting about the police and homeless, does kind of sound like they are cleaning house before company comes.