Friday, May 18, 2007

Diversity in the Hood

We've had a good assortment of characters at different times living here in the apartments. And the latest tenent to move here is very much a character. Very friendly, too talkative, and .... I don't know. Odd, perhaps. Or maybe its just me.

This is a quickly done loose sketch with a little colored pencil added in for good measure. Its just to give you a flavor, but it is not exaggerated. This is Wanda.... of the "James and Wanda" couple in apartment A. If I had to give one word to describe her it would be "sharecropper". A sharecropper with flashy rings that she wears on one hand... three to be exact.

Now don't be going and getting your knickers in a knot thinking I'm being a racist or anything because I'm not. What I'm being is a observationalist and reporting what I've seen. And using descriptions that give an accurate picture. Okay. Sort of an accurate picture... cause I don't know exactly what visions you conjure up when you hear 'sharecropper'. But I think it would be close to what I conjure up. Hard working country folk. Unworldly.

I already know too much about her. Last year she was in the hospital for 6 months. Thats a long time to be hospitalized. (She didn't mention if it was a physical problem or a mental one.) As a result of being hospitalized so long she lost her home. She had gobs of roses there, too. Her house payments were $1400 a month so it was too much to try to make up. (Really? $1400 a month?? hmmmmm... something doesn't seem to match up, but 'oh well'.)

When a youngster she bopped her brother on the forehead with a skillet and he had to have 24 stitches. He had been teasing her with snakes and she told him to leave her alone... thats what he gets for being so hard-headed. She's easy going and friendly, but only up to a point. If she gets ticked off, better stand back. (shades of "the crazy neighbor"... sigh.)

Yesterday she had James at the VA hospital all day long and Fed Ex delivered his medicine to their former residence... and the person currently living there signed for the delivery. And she's going to sue Fed Ex for letting anyone sign for their stuff. And it was medicine with narcotics in them!

This morning she shared that The Dollar Tree Store has pot pies...two for a buck! And they take food stamps now, too!

On a different subject.... I have a frigging Boeing 777 flying around here!! A big-assed fly got in when I opened the door. Its almost too big to kill... you know, the mess and all. I had thought of trying to get it to go back outside but that would mean leaving the door open while I "drove" the fly through it. (picture a cattle drive.) And there are relatives as big as he is flying out there. I'm not sure who this will end up but I hope I'm the victor! Wish me luck and good fortune, please.
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Sue J said...

Great sketch and commentary! :-)))

cat's momma said...

I think it's a great sketch, too, and I enjoyed your commentary as well. I know exactly what you mean when you describe that sucker as a boeing 747...haha

Sandy said...

oh yes, great sketch and great commentary. I feel like I know her...