Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blue Moon

Thanks to a 'heads up' from a friend who pointed out that tonight was a Blue Moon. Remember that song "Blue Moon.... you saw me standing alone..." If you do remember it, man are you old!!

I didn't learn what a blue moon was until several years ago, which means it took me way way too long to find out. For those who might just be whipper-snappers and not know yet, a blue moon occurs when there is a full moon for the second time within a month.

And speaking of 'whipper-snappers'.... if you've never been called this then you are probably waaaay too young to be reading some crusty ole crone's blog. The term whipper-snapper came from young inexperienced cowboys getting a hold of a bull-whip and making it snap... over and over and over again. Thus, whipper-snapper means a smarty-pants youngster.

I can remember my grandmother calling me it a few times, but she did it with a smile on her face.

And clod-hoppers. Know what that means?
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Sandy said...

Clod hoppers mean my feet..that's what my daddy told me when I was a little whippersnapper.


Wanda said...

CC: If you are insinuating that I know the words to Blue Moon, been called a whippersnapper, and worn clod hoppers....your right!!! I'm old. (but my heart is still young)
you little whippersnapper you.

Wanda said...

P.S. I said that with a smile!!!

Travelling Goddess said...

Bluuuuuu Moooooooon uuuuuuuu seeeee meee standing aaaaaaalone.

Sure!!! ruin my day, NOW, I can't get the song outta my head !!!

Bluuuuuuuuuuuuun Moooooooon.........

From: a very YOUNG whippersnapper Travelling Goddess who was just taught those words by a clodhopping friend...........

Sue J said...

What exactly makes it blue?? I looked at the moon as it was rising last night down here in OZ and it was more orangy. Is it some sort of atmospheric condition that creates the colour, or is it just an expression? Curious.

The Crusty Crone said...

"Blue Moon" is just an expression much like "green with envy". hahaha
Although.... on rare occasions the blue can look blue, depending up the pollution in the air.