Monday, October 26, 2009

I LOVE School

I love school. I especially love grade school. And all-day kindergarten is FABULOUS, darlin'!!! There is bound to be a struggle getting Mr. Contrary out the door, but once its closed, heaven visits for a while.

The picture gives you an idea of our weather today. Wet to the bone.
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Another Fun Day at the Crusty Homestead

I'm currently using a different keyboard. Kids. Need I say more?

But if I don't say more then I won't have anything to post.

We've been taking turns with the "crud" and its my turn now. Yesterday all I did was try to catnap my way through the day. I was fairly successful and that says a lot considering two boys in a small apartment. What it really says is "dude! You're sick!!"

Yesterday evening I stirred enough to get up to get some water. Darius came into the kitchen and calmly grabbed some paper towels. Not good. He had been playing games on the computer and spilt some water on the table.

"I can get it" he said firmly.

I don't know what possessed me, but I did not delve into it further. It was probably my survival instinct. What I didn't know wouldn't hurt me, right? I consciously chose to not look. My reputation for being an old screaming crazy lady needed a rest. Plus I didn't feel like looking. Where's that sand? I want to bury my head in it.

Later I saw the pc was available so I went to take a turn at it.

A large water stain covered the mouse pad. hmmmmmmm. That's not good. Water on or in the mouse? Then I put my hand out to touch the black table. Wet. The further back on the table my hand went, the wetter it got.

ohmygawd!! How much water was spilt, anyway?!

I then grabbed the keyboard and turned it upside down. Water dripped out of it for several minutes.

The boy still lives, so I guess I handled it okay, but ohmygawd!!

I didn't shit a cow because I have several extra keyboards, but still. ohmygawd!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sickness in the Air

Big D is sick today. Fever, vomiting, quietness, all spell S I C K.

It started yesterday evening. Mr Contrary, Big D, got a time out for behaving like a brat, only this time 'mom' layed down with him. You know. To help him get through it. He fell asleep. Fell asleep? That's something to be noted, but it could have been simply tireness. However, when he woke up he looked weak. He felt hot. And he couldn't keep anything down.

"Here... here's a cool wash cloth to put on your forehead."


"It will help you feel better."


"See if you can chew this medicine. It will help you feel better.


"Just see if you can get a little down. Really. It will help you feel better."

"aw. moan. I don't.... " (hurl)

"Never mind."

This morning he's still warm, but not hot and he has been able to keep a sip of water down. If one were to look for the silver lining in this its how quiet he is. That doesn't happen every day.

I'm feeling a little queasy, but I think its just empathy. Yeah. That's it.
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

Safety Lessons

'Mom' has started teaching Darius some stay-safe lessons. He is learning his address, phone number, names of relatives, and about 911.

The little darling has been practicing. He takes his education seriously. He's been calling 911 and hanging up.


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Hazzards of Being a Firefighter (32 sec)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mr Contrary

Mr. Contrary. Up is down and down is up. Mr. Contrary said so. Perhaps Darius will be good at debate... which has nothing to do with de plane!

D's class is going to the pumpkin patch today. Mom is going too. Our rainy season has started. The pumpkin patch should be a lot of fun... if you like mud.

D tried to get me to go too. I think it was just because I was gloating that I didn't have to go. "Mr. R said gramma's were suppose to come with us. Yes, he did say that!"

Their lunches are packed for two. (Darius was concerned that he wouldn't be able to eat all of it, until his mom pointed out that it contained her lunch, too. Then he was worried there wouldn't be enough.)

Its just Vyron and me today. All day. V is usually a snap to watch because he entertains himself. Just my luck. He didn't get enough sleep so he's a bit cranky and he's sporting a cough. If I can get him to sit (lay) quietly later on he might take a nap. Hey! I believe in miracles!!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Whomever said children were God's little bundles of joy were LIARS! They are created from pond slime (aka Devil's spawn) and their prime objective is to drive you to an early grave. A pauper's grave at that.

Not having a good evening. mumble mumble little nose pickers mumble mumble bless their little (bleep) hearts.

Personality Quiz

Are you one who enjoys taking quizzes? Here's a place you can get your here.

I took a personality quiz once. The results came back with "Sorry, you have no personality." It made me wonder if its better to have no personality at all or to have a "bad" one. Its probably a toss up.

I took one of the tests on the above site. It used percentage points in the various categories so you would know your strengths and weaknesses. (Like at our age we wouldn't know. snort.) Mine came back 78% introvert. I threw it down and ran back into my cave! Stupid tests.

Our beautiful weather has gone and the rainy season has started... although we seem to have lucked out compared to other areas in the country.

I accomplished nothing over the last two days. And the earth didn't stop turning.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Life Is Just a Bowl of Cherries

You can enjoy the fruit, but you always end up with a bunch of pits.

The Throne Has Been Cleared
We've been plunging the toilet for a week now. It wasn't completely clogged, but would drain slowly. Some flushes were a little slower than others. We suspect a foreign object found its way into the drain, but no one here knows anything about it. Either that or someone shits bricks. Its a long shot, but my bet goes on a toy of some kind. Damn toys.

We had come to accept our fates, mostly because the toilet still emptied... eventually. But miracles of miracles, yesterday we all heard a "normal" flush. I spent the next three hours jumping up to go to the bathroom just so I could flush the toilet. I wanted to make sure it was still working properly. It is.

School Days
Sigh. No school today. Its either a teachers' planning day or else its due to budget cuts. State employees have to take 20 unpaid furlough days and this is the start of it. And Monday is a holiday. Oh be still my heart. We will have plenty of time to enjoy the children with a four day weekend. What fun. Currently the room I'm in ('mom' & the boys' bedroom where the pc is) is totalled. I can see a patch of floor in the corner and my feet are touching the floor, but everything else is covered in blankets and clothing. The boys like to toss off the blankets and jump on the bare mattress. But its not my room any more so its not my problem. I only hope I'm outside when 'mom' comes in here. Payback. Ya gotta luv it!

Going anywhere?
I'm hoping the little family goes to visit friends today, but gas is a little low. Doesn't keep me from hoping. And as I key this I hear Darius tell his mom he wants to go to her friend's house. Fingers are crossed.

I thought I had more subjects, but I don't. Over and out. (we've been playing with walkie talkies.)
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Monday, October 05, 2009

Finally.. something to post!

Sometimes I just can't think of an appropriate 'title' for a post. I suppose I could just skip it.

A few doodles, just to have something to post.




Sorry for the blurry last one. If you couldn't read it, it says "A would have none of it and ran away. B would be sorry!"

I stumbled across a pleasant read as blogs go. I guess you could say its genre is "geezer"... my kind of blog. You will find it here: Merle Wayne Sneed.

I've had my space since Sunday. I'm not sure when 'mom' and the boys will be returning. They are hanging out with someone I don't care for (bad influence in my opinion) but space is space. And its none of my business, but I am also going to be saying "and its none of my deal with the consequences!"
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Friday, October 02, 2009


Birth control. That's all I'm going to say.

I stepped outside and saw this:

Darius' pet rock had babies!

Another daughter of mine gave us a box of frozen pastries. I can't even remember the last time I had pastries.


So flaky. I don't think we let it rise enough, but it was some good eating. Good crossants with rasberry jam. We also got some onion rolls and cherry turnovers. Oh boy... those cherry turnovers!! slurp.

Nothing much going on here. 'Mom' was out of town for a few days. I watched 4 yr old Vyron and her friend kept 6 yr old Darius. (She's within walking distance to Darius' school.) I got the easy part. 'Mom' is back now.

How 'bout that Letterman. (It was kind of sad to hear the audience laugh while he was confessing but I suspect they thought it was suppose to be a joke.) All those times he made fun of others' peccadilloes and now he gets to be the butt of jokes, although I must say I've never heard Letterman promoting family morals like most of the politicians. And boo to The View. Their hot topics did not include this. What's up with that? I think Friday's program is taped ahead of time. They miss out on some choice situations, but a three day weekend is still a three day weekend.
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