Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Small Private Ceremony Was Held...

A small private ceremony was held for Bob "BuzzBomber" Fly yesterday immediately following the discovery of his remains. Although the immediate cause of his death is unknown, there was no evidence of foul play. He was found lying on his back on the window sill, feet straight up.

The tenant of the property where Mr. Fly was discovered was interviewed and could not provide any futher information.

"I'm innocent" she said. "Innocent, I tell ya! Yeah, I saw him flying around, but I didn't do anything to him. He was trespassing, ya know."

Apparently Bob Fly's ability to move at jet speed and his ability to see behind him may have contributed to his demise. The tenant, Crusty Crone, claims to have tried to remove him from her property by using a wide-mouth jar. She attempted several times to place the jar over him, slip a paper over the mouth of the jar and planned to take Mr. Fly outside and release him. After several failed attempts, Ms. Crone claims to have stopped trying.

"He was just too damn fast. And smart, too. He'd move into the corner of the window and stay there... I couldn't get the jar over him in a way that would trap him. Hell, I was just trying to help, ya know."


cat's momma said...

Hahahahaha...poor Buzzbomber...I hope he was smashed or anything...what a mess that would be!

Sandy said...

I really enjoyed reading this..


Travelling Goddess said...

Tooooo funny!!!! What happened to the good ole fashion fly swapper. Smack....and then all one has to do, is pick off the body parts and put the swapper away.