Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tootie Fruity

 As usual, I spent Saturday afternoon playing Upwards with my friend. (This shows the beginning of the game.) We were both making high scores, but I lucked out and won this one. She whipped my butt in Word Yahtzee, though.

 Instead of the typical chips and dip fare, my friend served a fruit plate. Ohhhh the smell of summer. The melon was perfectly ripe and lucious, too. There is something amazing about a ripe cantalope... like a special present to us from the Universe.


It was hot yesterday, but we had a breeze. Its going to be pretty warm today, too. I better go open up the windows to clear out the apartment. If I can get it cold in here then its not bad for the rest of the day.
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Friday, May 29, 2009

Connection Done

I finally got the Dell pc hooked up. As I sit here with cords draped around my neck and under my feet, I must say Why hasn't someone invented something to take away all these gazillion cords! No matter how I tried to keep them orderly, they refused to cooperate. Now I'm trying to rebuild my bookmarks. I may be asking for links if I can't get to them on my own.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Brush with the Law

 As background information let me confess to being an illegal driver. Just for a minute. My car tags expired in April so I haven't yet paid for my right to drive in this state. Some unexpected things came up and I didn't have the money to get them right now. And my pc money was specifically designated for a pc, period. (That's my story and I'm sticking to it.) I figure the cops have a tendency to let the first delinquent month slide. Yeah. That sounds good.

This morning I jumped in my car to drive over the bridge to Vancouver Washington to buy the rebuilt pc. I know nothing of Vancouver but luck was on my side because it was a simple shot to the place. Basically it was just two left turns once I got off the freeway.

I'm not a nervous driver when my tags are expired, but I do pay attention to my surroundings. I'm not going to turn right in front of a cop or stay in front of a cop if I can go around the block without causing notice. I mean, lets use some common sense. But if I get a ticket, then I just deal with it.

So... I'm in Washington sitting at a left turn signal behind one car. There is a police car in front of the oncoming traffic. When the signal turned green for the oncoming traffic to move, I flashed on how far from the car in front of me I was and that there was a chance my license plate could be seen... but really, what are the odds?

The police car past by as I innocently watched the car ahead of me. Once past, I glanced into my rear view mirror and saw a red car behind me waiting to also turn. The police car did a quick illegal U turn and got in line for the left turn. Gulp. Ohmygawd! How did he spy my tags so quickly?!? Shit! What kind of eyes does he have, any frigging way?

Sigh. A deep sigh. Crap. Oh well. I took the chance so it will be the way it will be. Once I cleared the turn I glanced in the rear view mirror again. The red car was still behind me and the police car had turned on his red and blue lights. I saw the red car change lanes and the cops did the same thing.

(00) Whew!

HOORAY!! It wasn't me he had spotted. It was the guy in the red car. Be still my heart.

Okay, I said it was just a "brush."

So... I've got the Dell pc here. Haven't hooked it up yet. Probably will later today. And you know what? My current pc hasn't shut down once today. Go figure. Or should I say, isn't that the way it goes?

I hope you are all having a fine day. A fine year. A fine life.
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Boys Spent the Night

 Darius called yesterday, and using his most pitiful voice, he asked if he could spend the night. I had a weak moment and said "Sure. Bring your brother, too." That perked 'Mom' right up. You remember how it felt those few times when you found yourself without small off-spring.... great, huh! 'Mom' is going to get another break this weekend. One of her sisters is going to have the boys over for the weekend. It will be good exposure for the boys ("This is how an average families live. This is what an average family looks like...see, two parents. How about that, huh!")

I had already stocked the cupboards so I was good to go with house guests. I also had two squirt bottles at hand. Nothing like a warm day and water bottles to give active boys something to do.

Febreze... do you use it? I bought a jug of it recently and it seems to smell stronger, like cheap cologne added to water. Has anyone else noticed it?

Toilet bowl cleaner... what do you recommend for cleaning toilet bowls? Got any magic formulas? I've been using Comet, but its not cutting it.
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

"Zippedy Do Da...

 Zippedy Yay...
My Oh My What a Wonderful Day...
Plenty 'O Sunshine...
Coming My Way...
Zippedy Do Da, Zippedy Yay!"

Looks like there will be movement on the get-Crusty-a-working-cpu project. I may be getting a rehab pc towards the end of next week. I talked to my daughter #2 a few days ago about my progress... there's not been any. Bleak outlook for near future. Yada, yada, yada. It ended that she will check around ("I'll check with my peeps." She doesn't really have "peeps", she just knows a lot of people.) That's when I knew I was in good hands. She's a strong Virgo. Organized and likes to get things done. If I ever had my own business I would want her to be the manager. You know. So I could take my favorite position. Sitting back and racking in the dough. (snicker) Hey, its what I do best.

Anyhoo... She checked with a small rehab store in her area and found a Dell for $199. (00) Be still my heart!! She also made a proposition I couldn't refuse. She spoke to the owner of the store about me coming in to pick up the pc, paying what I have saved for it so far ($100+) and she will pick up the rest. This should transpire sometime next week. No waiting!!

My daughter has also come up with an idea for making some extra money while talking with the shop owner. She will instruct older citizens in the very basics of operating and using a pc so they can surf the web, use email, instant messager, etc. She can also load software or help them to do it themselves. It sounds perfect and I think its a needed service. There are lots of us older citizens who would love to have a nice, friendly person come to our place, sit down with us, and show us step-by-step how to do things. ("To turn on, push this button here. If the pc freezes and you need to get it turned off, push the same button but hold it in for six seconds and the pc will stop. This shouldn't be done if you can avoid it. Do it only when there's no other option to try. Here's how you copy and paste.")

The shop owner said she had been doing it (charging $100 an hour) but the shop business started taking up too much of her time. So there's a market out there. All in all, it was a pretty good day.
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Mrs. Crockett.... Mrs. Davy Crockett.


I got some black ink and tried a few water-and-ink blot spots. Practice is needed. I want to do it until it becomes fun. I also want to get some colored ink.

Below are some blot spots that I'm studying to see what image I can make of them. I'll post some after images if I come up with anything.

We are having some BEAUTIFUL days!! Warm but not hot. This morning was perfect. It screamed morning-coffee-in-the-garden at me. Lots of green plants high and low with some flowers tossed in for accent. Sun shining. Birds singing. Bugs not up yet. Did I mention housekeeper? A Virgo who loves to laugh and loves to care for the house. Oh. And me. Great morning for fantasies.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Easy Peasy My Foot!

 There is a Swedish artist on youtube that I follow (sort of)... I really like her art. She does it with ink and water. Its mystical and magical at times. And she makes it look so freaking easy, damn it!

I'll try to link to one of her blogs here so you can see what I mean. (Go to her channel if you want to see more of her stuff.)

I tried several things and none got even close to what I wanted. This flower is the best I was able to do. The first photo shows the flower after just using water and liquid watercolor paints. The second one is after I used a couple of Tombow pens (watercolor pens) to try to separate petals and add leaves.

I'm going thru one of those periods where I just want to toss all my supplies out with the trash. "What the hell was I thinking!" Perhaps I should just stick with pencils, but even then....

Can you say frustration? I can. After all, its an F word.

Other than the frustration all is quiet here. That doesn't give me much to blog about. No news is good news.
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Automated Deletes?

Is it just me? I had my 'dashboard' link saved in my "favorites" list and now it has disappeared. That is a link I would not delete, nor have I been deleting any of my favorite bookmarks lately. What the hell is going on? Is there a limit to how many sites one can save? I'm beginning to think this machine (pc) is haunted or something. I am not amused!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

 My grandson Darius (5) has a favorite color. Wanna guess what it is? If I was guessing the color would be at or near the end of my list of colors...or I would not be able to guess it at all. His favorite color is pink. Jokingly, his mother turned to me and asked "do you think I should be concerned?"

I heard that there will not be a cost of living increase for those on Social Security this coming January because the cost of living has not increased. We must live on different planets. I think they come up with the cost of living based on housing and big ticket items like cars and, of course, their prices have dropped because of the economy. The price of everything else has certainly gone up and I suspect they will continue.

Obama may not have raised federal taxes but boy oh boy.... every other tax is being increased. State and local taxes are going out of sight. Fees and everything else they can possibly think of is going up. Its like a thousand leeches sucking from one tiny, bloody body.

I wonder if the people who caused this economic disaster ever watch the news and connect things to their actions. I doubt it. I don't think they are "getting it" yet. Sigh.

On to another subject, I heard there has been some studies done on why some people are optomistic and some aren't and it is looking like our genes may have something to do with it. Its always been my theory. So... I can't help being crusty. Its the way I was built!
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Monday, May 04, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

 Cause Crusty Wants to Play....

Need I say "Its raining"? Last Saturday we had a severe but fast thunder storm move across the city. It lasted about 15 minutes, but trees came down nonetheless. I was driving home and one of my windshield wipers stopped working. The driver's side. Not good. Fortunately for me, the rain didn't last long and I managed to get home. I haven't spent anytime looking at it yet. (We all know how 'looking at it' usually fixes things, right?) My schedule must once again depend upon the weather.

Nothing else to talk about.
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