Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blue on Blue

I like how these photos, taken at twilight, look so blue. The only thing I did with the photos was to crop and resize them. The blue came with the photographs.

Update on apt. G:
I can't remember where the saga left off, but "Larry" the drug dealer is gone and its been a lot more quiet around here. There is still some residue traffic in the middle of the night but that should be over with soon.

The tenant has been gone for the last two days. I saw her leave with a couple of her street friends and a small suitcase. I'm assuming its to let the place 'cool off', as it were. This morning there was a 24 hr. notice to vacate put on her door. The 24 hr notice doesn't mean she'll be out of here in 24 hrs, but its the first step needed in the eviction process. The length of time it takes depends on what the tenant does.

Apparently she had someone co-sign for her to get the apt. and they had excellent credit and references. The property management people have been putting pressure on the co-signer, as well. If this person is evicted via a court order then it goes on the co-signer's record as well. And people with good references do not want their record tarnished.

On a new subject, we're having 'a hot time in the ole town'. Its gonna be hot hot hot for the next couple of days. Unofficially it was 91 degrees at noon... but this was measured on a roof top downtown (lots of cement to reflect the heat).
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Anonymous said...

I like the blue photos too. Kind of artsy looking to me.

Glad things have quieted down and wow, you are going to be hot. We are actually cooler than we should be I think.

We have Cayden so we are off to go play.

Wanda said...

What a nightmare. I worked in Property Management for 20 years. Eviction were everyday life. I was so happy to retire from that business 4 years ago.

gledwood said...

Those blue photos look fantastic! I could never take anything that artistic, you can be assured!! Hi I found you pretty randomly through comments friends of friends. It's late at night, I'm still awake. Thought I'd go on a blog-hop, see what I can see. Your pictures are wonderful, isn't it amazing how much talent is in the general population, we who don't presume to be professional writers and photographers are actually quite often better than those hwo make a living from these fields!! If you want to come by my place I'm at gledwood2.blogspot BTW. I'm glad I came by here!
Take it easy
All the best
Gledwood "vol 2" ...