Saturday, May 12, 2007


This little guy took his time eating his nut...enough time to allow me to grab my camera and take several shots of him through my dirty window. After I was done, he jumped down and began looking for more buried nuts in the yard next door. (and you wondered why little sapplings kept springing up in your yard. "WTF?")

The price of a first class postage stamp goes up two cents on Monday. I will need to count how many one cent stamps I will need to buy. Oh heck, who am I kidding. I'll probably just put two regular (but outdated)stamps on my envelopes. Thank God the postal service will be selling "forever" stamps... stamps that will be honored even after the next price increase.

My neighbor who lives above me is hiding out from people.
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A sloppy looking woman knocked on her door. I heard the neighbor walk to the door but she didn't open it. (peep hole) Now the woman is camped out on the top stair waiting for her. I predict the call of nature might be the one sure way of getting her to leave.
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Sandy said...

Hey, enjoyed your view around your hood today...loved the accommondating he was...and oh that the it..


Wanda said...

Love your drawing..and your the way the adoption papers are on there way...would love to have another artist in my family.