Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Universe Screwed Up Again

The Universe knows I expect to sit down without any training or practice and spew out masterpiece after masterpiece. Man, what a bummer. Anyway, I call this practice 1.

It was frustrating to do. There really isn't any room here to have out painting equipment and talk about dangerous... I had to set water out next to the pc. Fortunately the only "oops" that happened was when I plunged a paint brush into my coffee cup. I didn't notice it at first. Only when I went to use it again.

I think I should stick to flowers for a while.... or misty landscapes. Sigh. And practice... at least once in a while.

I'm bummed. It looks nothing like the dramatic painting I have in my head.
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Sue J said...

I like it! You've captured that small child essence.
I have often dipped my brush into my teacup too. Now I make sure the
water and the beverage are on opposite sides of the table :-)) It annoys me most because I have to get up and make another drink.

Sandy said...

Crusty!! You did it. You got that image in your head and put it down on paper. I think its' terrific. We both know drawing kids to look like their young selves is hard. You did a fantastic job. I love his look and the subtle part of the arm in the foreground is beautiful. I like everything about it.


p.s. You ought to try painting while sitting on your bed like I use to do...crazy I tell ya...don't know how I kept my acrylics (at the time) from tipping over and spilling on my blankets. But that's the only way I could paint.