Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Sketches

I did a couple of small sketches based on the photos (and friendly challenge) posted onRosy's blog.



The keys are included so you can see how small they are. I used pencil because it was handy. If I had to get supplies out I probably would not have doodled anything. In my head, one would have been done in pastel on colored paper and the other one perhaps a watercolor. But the true goal was/is to get something posted, so I took the direct route.

I didn't catch a likeness on either person, but I didn't want to stop to correct anything. You know. Tunnel vision. Do some kind of art... puleese! Get something posted!
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Bloggies

I read on PW's blog for today that the Bloggies are here for 2010. Blog awards. Its various categories with the nominations being whittled down to five or so for each category and the public now gets to vote, if they want to. Check it out here.

I read several of the nominations, but what I'm going to do is to see what other great blogs I've been missing. Lots of archives to check out.

Look.. its doing this or I'll be forced to clean or (gasp) work on some drawing or something. A woman has to do what a woman must do. Its not easy, but she's my brother.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Julie & Julia, the movie

I know, I know. I'm a little late in viewing the movie Julie & Julia, but better late than never.

I liked it. I liked it so much I will probably watch it again. Meryl Streep is magnificent. What a wonderful actress!! She wasn't an actress in a movie... she was Julia! I thought all the folks did a great job.

I heard one review that praised the portions of the movie that was about Julia and said the parts about Julie were bland. (my word, using faulty memory) Well, all I can say is that Julie's portion of the film was about someone much younger and who had not traveled as much as Julia. I don't think her portion of the film should have been as colorful as Julia's. So there.

**The sets and costumes were superb! Anyone half interested in France will love the sets. France was beautiful.

**The movie is long. 2.5 hours long, so be sure to have a comfortable place to sit.

**OMG... everyone was eating. And eating. And then eating some more. There were a few scenes that I wondered how the actors could talk because their mouths were so full. Viewing the special features, the actor playing the young husband said he purposely didn't eat until filming. The director, the wonderful Nora Ephron, made the actors actually eat. I know they don't film the scenes in order of appearance, but I swear it looked like all the actors put on weight. Meryl said she gained 15 pounds.

**OMG... the butter!! Need I say more?

**I have a new appreciation for Julia Childs. And her sexy marriage, too!

Everyone has their personal preferences in books and movies so this one may not be for everyone. But I enjoyed it. Am I the last one to see it?

Am I Ever Coming Back?

That's the question Wanda asked... am i ever coming back? YES... yes... my plan is to come back... to come back bigger and better than ever. Well, maybe the 'bigger' part isn't a goal to have since it seems to simply be a part of life now. And I don't think I'll ever be better than I am now, but miracles do happen. I'm going to be back though. Just as soon as.. hell, I don't know. As soon as i'm back in the habit again.

Its been too long for me to be off my blog. I don't know why except I'm boring myself. Maybe that's it. But no matter. I will be making an effort to post (and I don't mean its a real effort... I just need to get it to become a habit with me once again.)

I'm only up to letter D for the ABC art project. Letter D, fer gawd sake. (she stops and listens to the song dancing in her head "Hold on... I'm coming.") And speaking of letter D and dancing, Wanda I just wanted to let you know I had picked dancer as my letter D prior to your ballerina painting. Not that it makes any difference. I share it only as trivial information.

I've got my dancer sketched out. She's been waiting for some color in her life for a while now. Luckily for me, she's very patient. (She has no other choice. snicker.)

But.. thanks for asking your question Wanda. I've been feeling negligent towards my blog, anyway. I need to participate more. And I will.

First I have to go watch this movie... my daughter borrowed Julie and Julia dvd and I'm going to watch it now while everyone is gone. Maybe I'll do a short review later. It would be something to blog.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

To The Pieces of Shit Who Crap on My Blog

I'm referring to the anonymous comments left buried deep in my blog that spew stinking crappy links and who knows what else.

May your computer crash and burn. May your debts double and your cash flow decrease. And most importantly, may you be able to relate it all back to your spamming actions and your karma.

There may be a couple that I've missed, but I'm letting you know that I am deleting the comments as quickly as I can. I am also paying attention to the companies behind the links so that I do not do any business with them.

Oh... and one last thing. May your dreams become nightmares where you end up homeless in your attempt to make "easy money."

(Have you ever considered how these companies are using you. I bet you don't make diddly squat compared to what the company may rake in from this form of spamming. Fool.)

Monday, January 04, 2010

Anyone Need Some Photo Reference Pictures? PS Link Fixed

Pioneer Woman, Ree, has a file of photographs that she is allowing public access to anyone who has a use for them. Check it out here.

I've bookmarked it for future reference.

PS: My hmtl coding was missing an "=" so it didn't take. I've fixed it now. Coding is where you learn just how important each and every character is; forget a comma and you are dead in the water.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Looking for a challenge?

Myrna Wacknov has set a goal for herself of creating a self-portrait each day of 2010 and has invited others to join her. She has started a separate blog for this activity. You can find it here.

For a more fuller explanation of the challenge, check out this blog entry.

(As for myself, I know me well. I stopped making resolutions or setting goals a long time ago.)