Saturday, May 26, 2007


Synesthesia... now how KEWL is THAT!!

This is a word/condition that I only just heard about on NPR. It is a condition where someone sees or hears something and it brings up a color or ???. I know, I know. What kind of description is that, but I'm stumbling along anyway.

Its a neurological condition, apparently. A person with this ability looks at a letter and sees a color. This quote is a good explanation:

"One day," I said to my father, "I realized that to make an 'R' all I had to do was first write a 'P' and then draw a line down from its loop. And I was so surprised that I could turn a yellow letter into an orange letter just by adding a line."

– Writer Patricia Lynne Duffy, recalling an early experience

I found the above quote on wikepedia in the article about synesthesia. Reading the whole thing may help in explaining what it is... but whatever, it sure sounds wild. And its a good demonstration of just how little we know about how our minds/brains work. Just think how different this world may be if you were someone who could experience this.

I know my explanation here is lacking, but if it piques your curiousity, I suggest you google the word.

Update: Here's a place where you can hear about two people's personal experiences.


Anonymous said...

I've done that all my life and thought I was a weirdo... Letters and numbers have colors to me, and they also have gender, some numbers are male and some are female, and get this... Some are gay... yep... 6 is a dike (sp?) one is a male and a bit on the gay side two is a girl, three is a boy, 4 is a boy 5 is a boy, 6 a girl, 7 is a boy 8 is a boy 9 is a boy and so is 10...

1 is red, 2 is yellow, 3 is green, 4 is purple 5 is also red but a different shade than 1, 6 is orange 7 is blue 8 is brown, 9 is green

Soooo there are others eh... Hummm, then I must not be as odd as I thought I was... hehee

When I was little seeing the numbers as colors and genders is how I learned and remembered how to do the lessons plans.

To me the numbers are also related to each other... Like 6 has a crush on 7 (which I could never understand because she is a dike and all but she still has a crush on 7) go figure hehe... And 6 is embarrassed by 5, and doesn't like 8.

9 picks on 8 and because 9 picks on 8, 8 tries to pick on 7 who I think of as being brothers...

See I told you I was weird...


Wanda said...

Wow, that blows my mind! Of course I have a "simple" mind!!
Very very interesting....!
Have a great weekend.

The Crusty Crone said...

P said "See I told you I was weird..."

Well, I had my suspicions (sp?), but...

Just kidding, but if 'weird' is that one is different than the majority, well then...

I find it facinating!!

"Hey Joe, you spelled that wrong. It needs a pink in there." hahaha

I have just your ole run-of-the-mill brain, but I guess that will have to do. Now you have a name for it, though. I think its spelled Red, pink, blue blue, orange.....

That's way kewl, P.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to go read up on that..that's interesting..sandy