Friday, May 04, 2007

A Spring Day

'A Spring Day'.... does it make you think of bright green leaves, budding flowers, and singing birds? Well, the 'spring day' I'm speaking of has dark heavy clouds, pouring rain throughout the day that lasts a couple of minutes, hail, and thunder and lightning. And its cold.

We've got some baby birds in the eaves of the apt. building. Momma bird flies away and you can hear the wild chirping. After a minute the babies become quiet until momma returns. She's working her butt off feeding those kids!!

Watched a NOVA program on Sir Isaac Newton last night. He was a bit weird. In today's world he would probably be diagnosied with autism. So many are, now days. "Oh, lets put this in the autism basket...and how about those symptoms over there...toss them in too. We need a tag to put on them and this one will work. At least for now."

I've been feeling kind of yucky... nothing specific, but I've been just laying around. I hope to get something done today (meaning housework).

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your weather I hope you keep it up there..We were suppose to get wind but nothing yet...Hope you feel better. I just got over several days of a really bad flu....and then lingering blahs...The gang is in town..Hannah's gang...for a baby shower tomorrow..