Sunday, June 28, 2009

What is this, an obituary?!

No, its not an obituary column. Not yet, anyway. Its just that I want to acknowledge another passing. I'm not sure why, but perhaps its because it is so unexpected.

Do you know who I mean when I say Billy Mays? Does the name sound familiar? Did someone's image pop into your mind? I'm talking about the pitchman for OxiClean and other infomercial products. You know, the energetic, loud man with the fake black beard. (it looks fake to me ??) He was found dead and there are no apparent reasons for it. He was 50 yrs old.

It was reported that he had said he wasn't feeling well the night before being found. It was also reported that he had a fairly rough airplane landing and got hit on the head by something. (upon landing the plane's tire blew.)

Well that just made me jump to conclusions... like ?? Richardson's passing. Remember? She, the actress, bumped her head while skiing and died later. Is it the same cause of death? (Update: I put ?? for Richardson's first name because I'm not sure I had the correct one earlier. Sorry.)

I just stopped to ask myself WTF? Why all this reporting on death? I'm not sure. At first I thought it was to acknowledge his passing because it may not be widely reported... but I think most of us know who he was. Now I'm conjuring up other possible reasons.

First, the obvious... Love the ones you're with because you may not be with them as long as you think. (I'm paraphrasing something.)

Second, Pay attention. YOU may not be here as long as you think. (notice how I excluded myself?)

Third, is this a sign? Am I prepping myself? I say this only because I watched part of the movie Bruce Almighty where Bruce is praying for a sign. As he's driving along and praying, he's passing by all kinds of signs. Stop, Curves Ahead, etc. And he doesn't connect.

Fourth, I dunno what comes next. That's for you to fill in.

It feels like I'm done with obituary reporting now. The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and there's some rose buds waiting to be picked.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Relief and Shock

Relief.... I felt relief that Farrah Fawcett would no longer be suffering. Her valient struggle is over, not only for herself but for those who love her. She was no quitter, that's for sure. And the more early interviews that I see of her, the more impressed I become. I remember seeing the tv movie The Burning Bed and was completely blown away by her acting. She WAS a battered woman in that movie. It was amazing. I know the hole she leaves in the hearts of many will be hard to fill... if they are able to fill it at all. May they feel relief as well. Bittersweet.

And then the shock. Michael Jackson gone at age 50. Stunned. A blur of surreal images. No matter what went on in his private life, I don't think anyone can take away his tremendous talent for performing. He was such a darling little boy. Where did that little boy go? Lost in the sickness that is fame. Worldwide fame.

I always first remember Michael in his early years. Its sad to think of where he started and where he ended up. A freak. Its just sad that he became a poster-boy to warn others about fame and fortune. Sad, sad, sad. That's what makes me tear up the most. Fame and fortune on steroids.

Yet....what a magnificent talent.
Too bad he didn't have an anchor to ground himself.

I suspect the toxicology tests will show a lot. And as time passes and more and more information is shared, I suspect it will be even more freakish. Lisa Marie as much as said so. She was glad they were celebrating Michael now... before more information is shared.

Perhaps both of their passings are a relief. In the long run.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stop Dreaming!

oh dear. My friend (I mentioned previously about her health issues) emailed me today about a dream she had... a happy dream for her. To me it was and is worrisome. Her dream was about meeting up with her fun-loving ex husband (Who died a few years ago) and they had a lot of fun. It ended with her at the base of a bridge where she warned a little girl to put her shoes on....

When someone is waiting at the bottom of a bridge to cross over... its not a good sign. Not from my perspective. It symbolizes a crossing over. And a warning about shoes?! Her circulatory problem is in her legs and feet. oh crap.

I could tell she felt good about the dream. I sure don't. If one pays attention, life gives you a heads up on important things. I think its to help one to cope. Sigh.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Before and After?

That's what I thought as I selected these two drawings to post. Gawd, they could be 'before and after' images." 'Before' shows a fresh young thing with all possibilities still ahead of her. 'After' shows the remains after life has slapped her around a life is apt to do.

The woman and dog's hats are covered with tulle. (Is that the right fabric term?) I was stumped as to how to draw tulle, how to capture the look of partial opaqueness. (I'll have to check the spelling of that, too, but you get my drift.) In the after image the dog is all she has left. He cares for the woman very much and knows how important he is in her life. Her only friend. Her only companion. Because of this he tolerates her escapades, her misguided trips down doggy-fashion lane. He has a big heart for such a small dog.

It seems like I've gotten out of the habit of posting, but its really because I didn't have anything to talk about. One day leads to another and before you know it a week has passed.

I made my usual Saturday trip to my friend's place for games and conversation. She's experiencing health issues now. We kind of joked about both her and her car falling apart at the same time. Not so funny, truth be told.

Several months ago she had emergency heart bypass surgery. She didn't bounce back the way I expected but she did bounce back. I expected cart wheels and dancing because, you know, her heart is moving the blood around so much better now. It didn't happen... the cart wheels and dancing. Now there's talk of angioplasty surgery. Periphial Artery Disease. Normally I always feel 'everything will be okay', but this one has me feeling just a little concerned. My friend is also diabetic and it takes her longer to heal. They have her on the fast track in getting tests done. Currently she waits to hear what comes next and how soon.

She doesn't talk about it much. You have to ask the questions. I can feel her concern, too. Its bubbling just below the surface.
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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Clothing Optional

I was at my friend's place yesterday when she looked out the window and asked in wonderment "are those bicylists naked?" I couldn't answer her question because I was faced away from the window, so being a good friend I jumped up to see.

"Yup.................. They're naked alright."

I would guessimate there were between 10 to 15 bicylcist. I could only see them from behind. When we saw them they were riding down the street between a church and a grade school/park. They could be exposing themselves to charges of indecent exposure.

I don't know what point they were focusing on, but I've seen this type of behavior in previous years on the news. I can't remember why they were doing it, though.

UPDATE: Apparently riding naked is an event that occurs all over the world, according to my local news station. The reasons or purpose of it varies from place to place and year to year.

I didn't have my camera with me, but by the time I would have got it ready to snap a picture, the 'bikers' would have been gone. I'm thinking a cellphone camera would have been handy.

Perhaps the bicylcists were just helping to keep Portland weird. I'd say it showed their commitment, if that's the case. I sure hope they disinfect their bike seats afterwards.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Guess Who This Made Me Think Of.....

I'm not a knitter but I know of one or two in cyberspace.... and only one reads this blog. I couldn't help but think of Rudee when I saw this.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The Early Bird

I just got done hooking up my tv converter box. No glitches, although I can see how someone without any experience with electronic technology at all could be frustrated. "Oh dear, what if I push this button and I blow up my tv?! Or just break it!"

I'm not so sure I qualify for being an early bird by getting the converter box connected this morning. It looks like five of our seven local channels are still using the analog signal...probably until later this evening. However, two channels have already switched and one of them is a channel I watch later in the morning.

Now I am a proud owner of two remote controls. An extra remote control to keep up with... it might prove interesting.
The downside is that once all the channels have switched to digital signals I won't be able to listen to the tv shows on my walkman. (the walkman I have picked up most of the channels.) Bummer. However, I will be glad when I don't have to watch the PSA (public service announcements) any more.

So... shall I watch old movies or Japanese table tennis?

Added later: Oh great. Everytime I change channels, I have to get up and move the antenna! Sigh.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Video: Her Morning Elegance (3.5 min)

This is soooo KEWL!! A visual treat. Its very popular, maybe you've already seen it... or maybe you haven't.

Video: Signs

A 12 minute video about communication. No dialog.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Soaking

Sketch using a magazine ad. I chuckled when I looked at the drawing just now. That creek looks to be pretty deep. I'd be wondering what's in the water before I stuck my toes in there.
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Monday, June 08, 2009

Whadda Ya Want to Talk About?

A drawing from a magazine ad.

One of our local morning talk shows had a doctor/author on who has written a book about premonitions. (The Power of Premonishions by Larry Dossey, M.D.) He's, or 'they', are researching premonitions using measurments that will satisfy the sciencific world.

One of the things he mentioned surprised me because I do not remember hearing this about the 9/11 plane crashes. He said all four airplanes were only 20% full on average. He believes that this was as a result of a lot of premonishions happening. (I don't recall hearing this on the news... that the planes were not full. Have any of you heard this?)

Edit: I just googled and the only thing I found indicated there was an average of 61 people per plane, which includes staff. I've never been on a plane, but this sounds like the planes may not have been completely full. Please share if you know about how full or empty the planes were.

One example he gave was a woman, booked for one of the flights, was scheduled to speak before the United Nations. That morning she woke up with a great feeling of malaise. She called the UN and told them she would not be coming... one just doesn't blow off the United Nations, but she stuck to her guns.

I just found it a bit interesting.
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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer got ya all hot and sticky?

Here's a reminder of what its like in the cool of winter. (Some of these scene may have been shown on national tv, so it might look a little familar.) What life can be like if you live on an incline.

ohmygosh... there's quite a few videos showing icy/snowy driving. Just a reminder of why I don't drive if there is more than five snow flakes on the ground. Here's a link to a video taken in Russia. If you watch it, check out the guy who ski's with his feet.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

How'd They Manage That??

Now when the police shoot and kill someone the medical examiner lists the death as a suicide. How'd the police get the ME to do that?? (rhetorical question.)

And if you want to seek help for a friend or relative that may be going through something emotional, don't call the police. They'll just kill 'em. Some help, huh.

In our area we had a young man who tried to cut his wrists. The police were sent out on a welfare check and it ended up the young man was shot in the chest and died. A witness told a reporter that they just shot him and she didn't see him holding anything, like a knife. "They didn't have to kill him." The witness was quickly taken back behind the police tape so reporters couldn't talk to her more.

Most of us in this area of the country know that if you want to commit suicide and you don't have the guts to do it yourself, just call the police and when they get there throw a cardboard box at them. They will no doubt shoot you because they fear for their own well being.

Feared for their safety... a guy with a knife against several policemen with bullet proof vests, fire arms, tasers... what were they missing? Time? Time to defuse the situation? I don't know. The guy might have planned on suicide by police, but that doesn't mean the police need to actually do it.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009