Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Quiet Night

It was a quiet night. I am aware of only one person going to apt G, but no one answered and he left.

When mired down in craziness one has a tendency to forget what normal feels like. It feels good. Very good.


Wanda said...

Can I call you CC? Wow, almost back to normal...I will continue to pray for your well being!!
I'll bet is does feel very good!!!

Sandy said...

So glad to see you here Wanda....Crusty is a cool person to know...

Yeah glad things are easing off a bit..


The Crusty Crone said...

CC? Of course you can call me that. But my mind is now going down the list of all the possibilities that CC could stand for besides Crusty Crone.

(this is for my enjoyment)

CC Crazy Cow
CC Cranky Charmer
CC Carbon Copy
... HuH? whazz that?

Anonymous said...

hahhahaha....i like cranky charmer...sandy

Anonymous said...

How about Cute and Cuddley