Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bucking the Drug Dealer

Lots of drama around here today, starting about 3 in the morning. Thats when I woke up to the traffic. Druggies coming and going as usual during the night, but around 5am it sounded like someone was fighting in the apt. above me. I had been waiting for something like that so I could call the police and they would have a reason to go into the apartment. But the fight didn't last long and there was nothing out of the ordinary by the time the police came.

Later, one of the other neighbors got into an argument with the drug dealer. (She has a mouth that will end up over riding her ass, if she's not careful.) Eventually they both calmed down.

During this heated "discussion" the drug dealer shared that he just recently got out of prison and had been there for 9 years. He's on parole. "So I don't want any trouble." Yeah, right.

There had been some talk that the woman who had rented the apt. told someone she was being held hostage. I can't confirm that, but thats what she apparently told someone. Later, some of the other tenants saw her leave with a bag and she told them she was going to Houston. Has she abandoned her apt.? I wouldn't be surprised because this asshole is intimidating.

Within an hour I heard all kinds of things being thrown around, hitting the floor, walls, and whatever. This lasted a good five minutes and there was no doubt that someone was getting their ass kicked. After calling the police I stepped outside because I didn't want to hear the violence. It was making me shake all over. The 'flight or fight' thingy.

While out there a female (a regular visitor to apt. G) came down the stairs crying and she left walking barefoot. She was fairly dark in color so I didn't or couldn't see any injuries, but she had to have had some injuries based on the sounds I heard.

I was still standing there waiting for the police and I noticed 4 white guys walking towards the apts waving all happy like at someone on the balcony. Apparently he waved them off because they stopped and then turned around and kept on walking. Then he stepped down the stairs far enough to see me and said "Everything's okay."

I stayed outside so I could explain to the police what had happened... I didn't want them to start thinking of me as an overreactive old crone. You know, crazy. So he knows who is calling the authorities.

The police weren't up there long. If there's no evidence, then there's not much they can do. Its only after you're dead that they can do something.

So... now I hear things being move or shoved around on the floor. Like furniture being moved. And...

OH BOY OH BOY... I just looked out the window and saw him putting a tv in a pickup. Oh lord, please let it be him getting ready to move from here. He knows the police are on to him. (I can smell the crack... maybe they are smoking up the evidence.) Oh please let it be. And if it is, I hope there isn't a parting gesture of arson.

(a little earlier I saw a guy leave carrying a plastic case that looks like what handguns come in.)

Damn.. the only thing the pickup took was the tv. I was hoping everything would be moved. Well, just got to wait to see what happens. He probably only has a few clothes anyway.

Although this might be entertaining to some and disturbing to others, what I am doing is documenting things in case I end up a homicide statistic. I don't think I will, but you just never know. This is evidence.

PS... the woman the dealer beat up earlier today came back for a few minutes. She was definitely high, jumping all over and extremely animated. Anyway, I got a good look at her face this time. Oh man... somebody whipped her good with an ugly stick. She is trim in the body, but the face is hurting. Manishly ugly and she looks like she could be 70 yrs old or more....feel a little sorry for her.


Anonymous said...

My goodness you worry me at times... Now if things get too bad you just call us and we can come get you, and you can come stay here for awhile... Do you think this guy above you will get mad and target you if he thinks you are the one calling? Just be carfull... I don't want to see you on the 10 oclock news...


Anonymous said...

I'm with Penny..getting a little worried about you..that stuff going on is crazy...why don't you go up and visit P for awhile..sounds like a great vacation and be careful...


Wanda said...

Crone I would be worried too. You know we left east LA 26 years ago because we lived in a similar place. I hated the screaming and fighting every night coming in our that time I had small children and it was scary. When we got the chance to move to this little town in northern CA...we took it! Never been sorry!
You take care. Be safe. OK?

The Crusty Crone said...

Thank you both for your concern. And rest assured that if I felt danger I would remove myself from the apt. and stay else where. Plus those comments about arson and homicide might have been a bit dramatic.... but one never knows, does one.

I am not totally without protection and I would not hesitate to use it, if necessary. But I don't think it will be.

There are times when citizens must stand their ground and not turn away. Perhaps this is why I'm least it gives me a sense of purpose and I could use that. I'm not a fool and there is enough cowardess in me to help keep me save.

The Crusty Crone said...

And thank you Wanda for your concern. (you must have posted while I was writing.)