Saturday, September 22, 2007


Some times life's timing doesn't mesh well with human intent. Or perhaps I should say 'corporate' intent.

On the tv news the other evening there was a short segment about a community crime-fighting meeting where a city police officer shared his opinion (based on his experience I imagine) about an upcoming additional Light Rail route soon to take place. MAX is the name of our light rail system that connections East and West communities and suburbs. Soon there will be a North and South route, too.

At this meeting there must have been a question about the violence that happens on the MAX trains and at their stations. The officer, who agreed with the comment/question, said he would never ride the MAX at night and he is always fully armed. It did not make the neighbors feel very secure. It also did not please MAX management or the city police department, but I'm just guessing here.

The police officer is on vacation (???) and could not comment. Max management said there was only one reported incidence of violence (physical and/or verbal) per 100,000 riders.

(Is this called bending the stats to fit the need? I'd rather hear how many reported and suspected incidences there were per train trip and also have it broken down between daylight and night time incidences.)

Then last night there was breaking news about mob action going on at and around one of the outlying MAX train stations. The initial estimate is between 100 and 150 people were there. There wasn't any more info shared during this mornings news cast nor is there anything on the news web sites. (Its a weekend and things don't get updated.)

This area (where the incident happened) is the border line between two cities, although you wouldn't know it driving down the street. One city melds into the other. Because of so many past violent things happening here, both cities had increased patrols in the area within the last week. That might be why last night's incident didn't turn into something bigger.... police were probably there within minutes.

Anyway, I couldn't help but put these two things together. It was like the mob activity was an explanation point to the police officer's comments at the community meeting. (The city police department has responded by saying the officer was voicing his own opinions and he was not speaking for the police department.)

I thought the timing for all of this was impressive. It was like last nights mob activity was telling the neighbors who would be living near the new MAX route to take care and be on the alert. I suspect there is also some buyers-remorse happening with those who have recently purchased a home in the area. I feel for them. And I sincerely hope all of this prove me wrong in my observations. Yes, there are some times when being wrong is best.

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I Am said...

I heard that on the news last night too, and this morning turned on the tv to see what if anything had happen... and Nada...

100-150 is a LOT of angry people... We drive down that road a lot when in Portland/Gresham and I wonder what the out come was...