Monday, September 24, 2007

Dust Bunnies.... OHMY!!

'Dust bunny' is really too sweet of a description for what I discovered. DIRT DEVIL, in all caps, is really more like it. Let me elaborate a little.

I've been having a lot of trouble with my Dollar Tree Store computer mouse. I could do ferris wheel turns with my arm and the cursor would just sit there mocking me... mock-ing-ME?! How unkewl is that? The mouse ball (yes, mice have balls, too) felt like frozen cottage cheese. What I mean by that is it felt hard and lumpy at the same time. It felt like an overdose of Viagra for a shriveled... ah.... er.... a shriveled avocado pit. (sorry, thats all I could come up with... ) A hard avocado pit. Imagine how lumpy that is!!

I cleaned the $$ mouse and still the problem remained, so I pulled out the old mouse. I thought a good cleaning might make it work better than the $$ mouse. However, I forgot that the older mouse no longer 'clicks'. The thingy no longer goes up or down. So, just to wrap up this part of the story, I cleaned the $$ mouse again and I switched balls. So far, so good.

But here comes the DIRT DEVIL part of the story. I had to plug and unplug the mouse at the back of the computer... the 'tower', the brain (insert mysterious music here). The back. The part I never look at....the part that sits close to the wall, thats where I had to work. (work as in plug/unplug.) And I have one thing to say....


Oh my poor little baby....drowning in an oily crowd of dust bunnies that looked and acted like DIRT DEVILS!!! My poor poor baby.

Well, I spent another hour getting two inches of oily dust off and out of the two fan areas. I used tweezers to get some of the dust out of the vent areas. oh lordy, I can only imagine what the deep insides must look like. Too scary. (I also wiped off the outside of the vents with alcohol.)

Have you taken a look at your computer's backside recently? I'm just saying.


Wanda said...

When I friend installed my computer, he made sure it was 6" away from my wall, but nevertheless, it still gets really dusty. Thanks for reminding me, I better go check again.

Anonymous said...

None on my laptop cord. Better not be..

but I haven't checked my desk top in about a year..yuck.!!

BJ said...

You are so right CC! The towers collect so much is unbelieveable. I haven't checked my desktop lately cause I use my laptop all of the time. But, I will have to do that. Thanks for the reminder.