Friday, September 21, 2007

Hairy Balls... go figure

One of my friends, Traveling Goddess, posted an entry on her blog about her hairy balls. Imagine how my ears perked up when I heard Martha Stewart also talk about HER hairy balls.

What Martha said, besides how great they look in a bouquet, was that hairy balls is/are from the milkweed family, they stink, they grow large, and they are poisonous. So... when you come across hairy balls you'd best be careful about how you handle them until you know what you're doing. I'm just saying.

I did a search on 'hairy balls' and didn't come across a site (I searched quickly) that had the info the way I wanted, so I didn't hot link the term. If you are interested, you'll find a lot of sites that mention hairy balls. (and I didn't come across one porn site... but then I didn't look very closely.)


Anonymous said...

hahahah, porn site....come on CC how closely DID you look...


Wanda said...

Great balls of Fire, Crusty...where are you taking us!!!! (Giggle)