Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Playing with the Sharpies again


I drew the above loosely based on an ad in the October issue of Vanity Fair. Its altered a bit, but the basics match up. And speaking of Vanity Fair... their printer is going to be in trouble this month. The entire magazine is missing about a quarter inche of all the pages and many of them are falling out. Not good for their image, but accidents happen. I couldn't help wonder if they had sent the issue to China for printing? (snort)


I went to their web site and sent a comment in to them just to let them know about the situation. While I was on their site I noticed the October issue is available for reading there, sans all the advertisements. I let my friend (who maintains this subscription for me) know that she didn't need to renew anything. I can read it all online. Kewl.
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Sandy said...

Cool drawing. I've picked a few out of a magazine also that I'm hoping to start tonight. Gotta draw all the babies but haven't been moved yet with the right pics..

I'm thinking of Angelina Jole that she will be the one tonight if I do it.

I really like your sketch..

was that all with Sharpies..

The Crusty Crone said...

Was it all done with Sharpies? I used a pen to draw the facial features, jaw/neck line and hand. Everything else was Sharpies. (I thought using Sharpies would make the face too strong.) Oh... I first did a light pencil drawing. I almost forgot that. blush.

cat's momma said...

Very cool drawing and the colors are perfect!!

The Crusty Crone said...

Looking forward to seeing the Jolie drawing, if you get to it, Sandy. I tried to do her using a print ad for St. John... didn't get close to her at all.

Thx for the nice comments, CM. Look what you've started. grin.

Sandy said...

I didn't get to her last night but hope to today, maybe while we are sitting on the porch with Cayden...I already feel the effects of the colored pencil..

stuffy nose, and allergy symptoms. That use to always happen to me. Guess I can only draw with those outside, too..