Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday.... already?!

Its like, oh I don't know, early autumn? Perfect days. Cool during the morning and sunshine in the afternoons. How grand can it get! However, in a day or two we'll be back into the heat.... high 80s, maybe even a 90 degree day here and there. Yes, I know. Talking about the weather again. sigh. But its how I roll. These days, anyway.

You may have noticed I didn't come here with a specific goal in mind... or even a subject. Imagine that.

Oh... maybe you're wondering why the picture of the U-Haul truck. Its because I noticed right away that there was something different about it. I knew it was different in some way, but it took me a while to figure out what it was...what the 'difference' was. My first clue was that the license plate looked different. Not an Oregon license plate. A few more minutes and DUH... there's a lobster on the side. And a lighthouse. Now thats different, fer sure. Lobster... lighthouse... must be a state on the east coast. Then I noticed, in what seemed like very small letters to me, the word Maine on the side of the truck. Mystery solved. "Oh look everyone, look.... a different U-Haul truck!!"

And I'm liking Whoopi on The View. A lot. I mean a whole bunch. And wouldn't it be wonderful if Elizabeth was offered her own show. You know, somewhere else. Bless her little heart. (that makes it okay, right?)
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Sandy said...

I finally got to see Whoopi on the view today. I like her and think she'll fit in great!

The Crusty Crone said...

The View is filling the fifth vacancy (been vacant for the whole last year) and they are going to announce who it is this coming Monday. I'm guessing its going to be... sigh... can't remember her name. Sherry or Sharon or Sharon-like name. ('Everyone Loves Raymond'... Robert's female police partner.) Silly comment, but I wanted to document my guess to see if its correct. You saw it here first!