Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday's Show-and-Tell

Like Sandy (Sandy's Monday Show And Tell site) I was racking my brain for something to show and tell this week and I was coming up with nothing. Thats the downside of living a simple life. A boring life. Finally, I decided to promote my favorite incense. Well, my second 'favorite' incense. (Prasad's Patcholli is my all time favorite.)

And now not all Nag Champa incense smells the same. I've been burned a couple of time. It is only the Nag Champa that comes in this box above that smells as sweet.


By putting it in a container (above) I can enjoy the fragrance without even burning it.


Above is a shot of the retail display of the Wild Oats store where I can find various sizes of containers.... $2, $5, $10.
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Sandy said...

Well that is my favorite too. I never thought of putting them all out in a container.

I forgot that I love the smell of incense and probably haven't burned any in over a year. You've reminded me of how much I like the Nag Champa. have something to share...



I Am said...

I adore incense and scented oils and burn them daily... I got an oil burner from the dollar store and the oils from ebay... so my house smells like I've cooked something wonderful each day... like jelly rolls, apple pie... I've never tried nag champa, I need to check that out... Thanks


mARTa said...

ah...I love incense as well and burn it often on cool days. I love going to mass sometimes just to smell the stuff! thanks for sharing!

The Crusty Crone said...

Speaking of Catholic mass with incense.... I heard how it got started. (true or not? I don't know, but it sounds reasonable.) Centuries ago incense during mass began as a way to stop the stench of humans a little. You know, back when people seldom bathed or use deodorant, etc. (God bless running water and sweet smelling soap! And deodorant!!)

Its much like June brides... have a wedding in June before the yearly bath in May wore off... and carrying the bouquet to ward off the stench, as well.

One did what one could.....

Wanda said...

Excuse me, I'm a June Bride, and a clean one I must add...I had two baths that year!!!
Love the container your incense is in. I guess I never got started with incense...use a lot of sented candles. Does that count??

BJ said...

CC - I never got into incense, but I sure love to burn candles. I love sweet smelling ones at that!

I have heard that Centuries ago you were lucky to get one bath a year and that brides usually bathed in May.....thus the June bride. I had never thought about that until recently when my friend's mother mentioned this. I find that story very interesting.

Also, I have to comment on the pottery that the incense sticks are in. I really love that piece. The color combination are some that I!

Thanks for sharing all of your info and pics. Loved it!