Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't read if death bothers you... or you are feeling down

The subject matter is about how cats (or some cats??) know when someone is going to pass on (remember the cat in the nursing home?); this is what happened to someone else's older cat. I thought it was very sweet and loving, but those not comfortable regarding death... I'd suggest you pass on reading this.

"This morning she dragged herself onto my newspaper, it was her favorite place in the morning, so I let her stay there. About 10am Booger's kittens started gathering around her, they refused to budge as Booger cleaned her and nuzzled her. Booger wandered off but the kittens stayed, and suddenly at 1034 [am] they all got up and walked away from her and it was over. I have never seen anything like this before, they have been laying on her blanket ever since she passed away, clearly there is mourning going on.... she was a very loving, sweet kitty."

Should you be wondering, the pet owner had taken her cat in to be seen (middle of the night)... nothing could be done. The owner opted to let the passing happen naturally. She [the cat] had others who loved her around, both human and of her own cat-family, when she passed on... it sounded very loving.


Wanda said...

Life and death, what a tender cycle it is. In animals as humans it evokes all our emotions. Even with the pain...I will always have an animal...the love is greater than the pain.

cat's momma said...

This was a very poignant (sp?) read.