Sunday, September 09, 2007

Morning Light


The picture above was taken thru a window screen. It is from this morning. (I opened the windows up before daylight to get the apartment cold. We are expecting it to be close to 90 degrees today, and I was trying for a head start. And I also was going to cook dinner... which I did, while the cold breeze flowed through the place.) The scene almost passed through my brain without registering with me. "DUH. Look at how kewl the morning light looks as it glazes the table top and the tree branch. Where's the camera?" (It looked better in real life.)

Below are a couple of shots of a moth that was on the door frame the entire day yesterday. One close up and another shot for scale. It was a small moth.


This morning there's a much larger moth now sleeping on the door sill under the door. There's enough room there so when I open and close the door, its not disturbed.
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Sandy said...

That's a really nice set up outside your door. Do you use that table often.

The Crusty Crone said...

Naw... this is in the neighbor's backyard. I only look at it thru the bedroom window.

Travelling Goddess said...

Now that would make a lovely little the way the light is.