Sunday, September 16, 2007

Monday's Show-and-Tell

As I turned sideways and shuffled my way past the extended canvas and stove I had a scathingly brilliant idea to show and tell readers about my art studio. These few pictures are just a few views.

Below, currently the action area for the creation of more formal pieces of art.

Below, one of several storage areas throughout the apartment.... I mean, the studio.

Below, a slightly different form of storage.

I hope you have enjoyed your short tour. Thank you for reading.
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Anonymous said...

I did enjoy the tour thank you!


Travelling Goddess said...

What fun to come into your apartment and share a little corner with you and your art!!!

Great Show and Tell!!

Now, where is the coffee, that I shall be careful of NOT spilling!!!!

BJ said...

Hi CC - it's always nice to see inside others "studios" so one can get an idea of where they work & play! Thanks for sharing this with us.

BTW - thanks for the very sweet comments on my blog.

mARTa said...

A true studio apt! I love it! I have a room dedicated as 'my studio' but somehow all the periphenelia begins to spread and soon the whole house, my car and my satchel all have become part of my 'studio'!!!! Mine is now posted too!

cat's momma said...

I definitely enjoyed the tour. That big painting on the easel ... what an undertaking!!

The Crusty Crone said...

Thx everyone. And Marta... really laughed out loud with this "A true studio apt!" Good one!

And TG... the coffee for spilling is on the counter next to the stove, just outside of the picture. I can't count the number of times I've come 'this close' to spilling yet another cup. Whew. Close calls, all of them, but boy its hard on the nerves. It does, however, help me talk to God more. "oh my God, thank you!!!"

Sandy said...

Hey I really enjoyed this tour!! Now, maybe the bedroom next time...

Your apt, definitely looks like a studio for art..wonderful!


Wanda said...

I loved the tour...I don't feel so bad about my chairs, trunk, and bookcase cluttered with all my art stuff. Actually your's looks rather in order!!! One of these days, I'll clean mine up and take a picture!!

Nice tour...but I'm with Sandy, the bedroom would be nice.