Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Challenge

My personal challenge... actually I have two. The first one is to get something posted here to push my political rant down the page. (I may not know what I'm talking about because I may not have gotten all the facts. Imagine that!!) I decided art is fairly impartial, so my second challenge was to willingly post some bad art. The second part is/was not difficult. And it isn't that my intent was the 'bad' art, it just turned out that way.

So... create or find some art to post. Perhaps that was really the challenge. Well, I didn't have anything that hasn't already been shared so I decided to WHIP something out real quick. And lets make it something spontaneous... something loose and flowee (Sandy's comments on her blog in mind). I remember 'coloring' some watercolor paper with a background. "I could see what comes to mind, using that!" Well... nothing came to mind. I kept thinking about Sandy's rooster and fish. I didn't want to copy her. You know, follow her around doing what she's doing. But its ended up that way. I couldn't think of anything but a fish. I can make something look like a fish without having one in front of me. Artistic license, doncha know.

I was sitting on the couch and spotted some dried up watercolor paint sitting on the edge of the coffee table. Water-color. If the water dries up, just add more, right? I can do that.

Then I retrieved the paper that already had background color on it. If it looks fuzzy thats because it is....I had moistened the paper and then put color on it. It looks fuzzy in person, too.

And here is my made-up fish. It will go in the pile of other stuff that I will call "my practice pile." Yeah, that works. My practice pile.

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Wanda said...

It just kills me when I have so many errands to run that I can't check you out till the afternoon...You are one of my favorites...You are just like a box of choc. I never know what is coming....I just adore you for that! I by the way, love bad art. I have a lot of it here in my studio, and unfortunately, my name is at the bottom... I think you and Sandy both are fabulous and I love this little fish. When he grows up he will be a awesome "Rainbow" trout!!!
Keep'em coming girlfriend!!!

The Crusty Crone said...

Doncha jus feel the luv? Thank you, Wanda. I appreciate the acceptance. Its a biggy for me.

Anonymous said...

Well I think he is a cutie. I think he and mine ought to get together and make cute little ones...


I like his smile.

BJ said...

Yep....put those fishies together and start them babies a coming!

Good job CC. I like what you did.