Wednesday, September 12, 2007

No Particular Point

Chatting over the fence....

I've decided to cross Indonesia off my list of possible retirement communities.

Just heard a statistic that had my mouth hanging open, but my head nodding as in I KNOW... I KNOW!! I didn't catch the time frame, but the cost of health insurance has risen 78% while during the same time frame wages/income has risen only 19%. Coverage for a family of four costs around $12,000 a year. (00)

I participated in a telephone survey yesterday. Based on the questions, someone (read local government) is trying to determine the best tactics to use for presenting a 5% tax to phone services. Taxes/fees on the most basic phone service for landlines is already a third of the cost. It may be called taxes or fees, but it still adds up all the same. Personally, I don't think any more taxes should be applied to basic services, but I have no problem with an additional tax being added to the luxury features.... caller ID, call waiting, etc.

I like our current mayor who is retiring and is not going to run for a second term. I like him because he does the right thing, even when heavily criticized. He put 'humane' into his decisions, even when it cost money. Most people are not humane when it comes to money.

Too bad Britney doesn't have enough money to take a sabbatical or something. She clearly is not 'in to' performing any more. I heard her outfit for the vma awards program was her own choice. The costume presented to her to wear was "not sexy enough" so she used her own. I also read on a celebrity blog that they saw her partying at a club before the awards ceremony. Her lackluster performance probably helped her stay upright. She seems to have lost her way. Too bad. I wish her well.

Yay weather... going to be a little cooler today. YAY!!


Wanda said...

She's beautiful! The markers really give the vibrant color. Love her wavy!

Also, that good news to know we can read our mags on line!!! That will save some $$$$.

Thanks for your sweet comments on this Great Gramma...I'm loving it!

Wanda said...

I just realized I commented on the wrong post...but she's still lovely.