Friday, September 28, 2007


Three in the morning and we have rain. Not sprinkles, mist, or showers, but strong rain. It seems like its been a very long time, but its here now and 'they' say we'll be wet for a while. For a long while. The morning commute will probably be full of fender benders.

Nothing much going on here. Quiet. Quiet is good, too. Especially at three in the morning.

I'm sitting here in the dark, with only the glow of the monitor shining in my face. The blind is open so I can see the rain drops on the screen. I have a fan going to move the air. This apartment gets stuffy easily. I had opened the windows for a few minutes earlier, you know... just to get some fresh air in, but the rain came in at an angle so I had to close things up.

Well.... guess I'll go lay down again. Eye lids are getting droopy. (Remember the cartoon character Droopy? Which has nothing to do with anything.)
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Anonymous said...

I think we are only going to have morning clouds and mist and then clearing by noon (except being up near the foothills where the clouds bank up against the mountains are weather is always different than what the local weather says)..

It's too chilly and moist to sit outside and draw so I'm going to find myself a corner inside and see if I can get busy.

I well know those 3 a.m. sessions where finally the eye lids droop so bad you almost pass out at one point...I can barely move the laptop off my lap when that happens.

Enjoy your rainy day. I have read several things that have said the winter in the NW is going to be extreme...I hope for your sake it isn't...It's suppose to be colder than usual here too.

One of my favorite weather guys is saying to stock up on provisions and he's talking about pipes freezing and breaking all over...

he is pretty accurate too. sandy