Saturday, September 08, 2007

mutter mutter mutter

I've just got done spilling a full cup of coffee all over the table. The coffee table, people! Thats one of my main filing systems, fer gawd sake. Old mail, current watercolor wip, a couple of pads of art paper, newspapers, small personal phone book... You get the picture. All things that soak up moisture.

After going through a roll of paper towels sopping things up, I almost slapped my forehead. "DOH... I should have used a sponge. DUH!!" Fortunately, I caught myself, looked at the dripping mess in my hands and rushed to the sink. Close call.

I'm feeling boxed in.... no elbow room.... no butt room.... no room at the inn. The butt end? You know what I mean. Last night I was practicing some watercolor techniques (snort) and I needed to be near/over the sink. Trying to find room for the paint, brushes, palette, and paper, among the margerine, coffee maker, salt and pepper, not to mention the dishes that need to be put away, I began whining about not having enough room. Its one of my themes for this life time.

Oh sure, I could put some of that stuff away, but then I wouldn't have anything to play poor-me with, or to write about. Having a large enough room where it doesn't matter if paint gets on the floor or walls, sticking nails or thumbtacks in the walls doesn't matter... counter/table space to spare, filing drawers, racks, shelves.... these are the things that make up heaven. Knowing me, however, (and I'm being honest here) I would probably end up with everything in one of the corners whining about not having enough room. Sigh.


I Am said...

I used to live in that tiny house in Texas two bedroom one bath small living room... And it was VERY VERY SMALLLLLL... But I raised three kids there and we managed... THIS HOUSE IS MASSIVE, its like two large houses in one and its only us two here and do I have room???? Nope because I've filled it all up with junk from goodwill and Rod wont let me have a garage sale and get rid of the old stuff I don't like or want anymore So now every room is filled with clutter... hehe... So it has nothing to do with size, Its like those goldfish, they grow ONLY upto the size of their environment.... (grin)

The Crusty Crone said...

"Rod wont let me have a garage sale and get rid of the old stuff..."

(00) ah... er... ahem... just how ugly is some of the stuff you have?

(sorry... I couldn't resist. Oh hell, thats not true. I could have resisted but I didn't want to. hahahaha.)

Sandy said...

I agree...every room of mine is filled with junk...

every room.

and it is now spilling out into the atrium..

what's a ratpacker like me to do.

I'm clueless...because it's stuff I need, ya know.

Travelling Goddess said...

I am trying soooooo hard to be clutterless.... I find myself living very nicely in this VA house without 3/4 of the stuff I have in NY....

Yet, when I am in NY....there is just "stuff" that I can't part with......and yet, don't miss it, when I am down here. Go figure!!!

Hey, CC, wanna come for a cup aJo here.....just until everything dries....

Tat was indeed a bummer!!!!