Saturday, July 07, 2007

Trevor's Blog

I'd like to introduce you to Trevor's blog. Trevor Romain. (His web site.)

Trevor writes books for kids. He writes books to help kids deal with life's challenges. Bullies, divorce, cliques, homework, etc. And he has been friends with many little ones who have had to deal with life's ultimate hurdle.... death. He is a very special person... a very special person to many many people.

I've had his blog bookmarked for years. I'm not sure why I felt to introduce him to you today, but thats the way life works sometimes.


Sandy said...

I've not had hardly a free moment...#2 son had ER surgery last night for a strangulated hernia and we were back up halfway to L's house in 2 in the home at 7:30 this morning..and I have an energetic almost 5 year old to deal with today...My point is...I'll check out the blog later, it looks interesting...

Nita said...

I just found your link to his blog. I have time, waiting for the sun to come out, so will check it out now.