Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday's Show and Tell

'Argue for your limitations and sure enough they're yours.'
~Illusions : the adventures of a reluctant messiah
by Richard Bach

I'm not sure if I got the exact quote, but its close enough to get the gist of it. I read the book decades ago and it has always stayed with me. And the symbol for this quote is a feather.... a blue feather. One of the characters in the book was testing a theory... what you desire will come to you. The character decided to test it by desiring a blue feather to come to him. And it did. Not a real feather, but on a picture on a milk carton. The dairy used a blue feather on its cartons. Ever since then, whenever I see a feather, especially a blue one, I always think of this quote.


The other day a feather came to me. I had been out a couple of times to have a smoke. This one time I went out and there right in front of my face, front of my feet, was this feather. Its not really blue in the true sense of the word... but I can stretch gray into blue if I want to...



I brought the feather in and washed it off. "Hey... I could use this for Show and Tell!"

We've had a crazy little bird swooping around here the last few days. It really looks like its pissed off, too. It dive-bombs a crow that eats in the field next to us. I've seen similar happenings when a crow has gotten too close to a nest, but these attacks seem to be out of the blue. (My guess it that that crow did something in the past.) The little bird dives straight at the crow as fast as it can.... the crow ducks its head and its a good thing too, because thats just how close this little bird comes to hitting it.

Once in a while another small bird joins in the crazy flight, but I always imagine it to be a friend trying to get the crazy bird to calm down. "Cindy... wait up. Calm down. You're going to hurt yourself. Come back here!"

Maybe the crazy little bird is a mother and the crow did something to her baby. I could see a certain craziness happening.

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Sandy said...

CC: I find this S&T so interesting. I have been thinking of Bach lately. I want to re-read a few of his books. I remember feeling such inspiration. Also, reading about your local birding activity going on there..well to me it was just plain interesting seeing as how I love birds. Thanks for joining in. I'll go link you on the front page...

Wanda said...

Crusty, I love the feather...All it needs is a mat on top, and your've got a winner!!

I can't tell you how pleased I am that I could give you a belly laugh today, without even trying!!!

You are one of my favorite people in blogland!!!

The feather story and quote are really nice, seriously!!

BJ said...

CC - I enjoyed your story about the feather and have been pondering this quote. I do find it very interesting.

The bird story is great too! I suspect that the crow was more than likely stealing eggs or getting too close to baby birds.