Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday's Show-and-Tell Part 1

My show-and-tell for this week is this gathering of old photos of 'the family'.

(I hope I remember the order of the photos... otherwise the labeling is going to seem strange.) A cute picture of gramma and Fred. Fred was gramma's second husband and everyone called him 'Fred' and so did I. Never grampa, but Fred. Fred was a very silent man. Very skinny and very quiet... but gramma was a talker so someone had to be quiet.

My brother on someone's motor scooter.

A school picture of me when I was probably in the 5th grade or so... 10 yrs old, I'm guessing.

Part 2 of show-and-tell is below.
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Sandy said...

What a young CC. You were cute...What an innocent sweet face.

sorry...CC doesn't do sweet...haha..


Wanda said...

How Precious...does CC do precious (smile).
I love the album look of each picture....I love old pictures, thank for sharing....go Show and Tell!

BJ said...

CC- you don't do cute, ugh? Well, do you do adorable? Cause that what you are in that pic!

I love looking through pictures; especially ones from long ago. Thanks for sharing your family with us.