Sunday, July 08, 2007

Completed watercolor

Here's the original sketch. I posted it here at the end of June. Using tracing paper, I copied it. Then using a regular number 2 pencil, I covered the outline with graphite from the pencil on the back. This was then used to get the sketch onto the watercolor paper.
And here's the end result. I don't think its too bad, considering my watercolor experience, but only time will tell. In a couple of months I may come back to it and become embarrassed.... who can tell.

I'm still trying to get a decent sketch done of Sandy, but no luck yet. I am currently 'standing back' from it, but plan to attack it again from the side when its not looking or expecting anything. Often that works well for me. Its a Cancerian trait.
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Sandy said...

Wow, this is good! I really like it.