Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday's Show-and-Tell Part 2

The four young sisters with their mother. From left to right: My mother, Elna Gladys. (Now who in their right mind would name a baby Elna Gladys? I think my mother and grandmother were butting heads before she was even born. My mother's nickname was 'Mickey' and thats what everyone called her.) Their mother, my grandmother, Carrie. Then Frances ("Frankie"), Lois, and Roberta. The birth order is Frankie, Mickey, Lois, and Roberta.

Here's another picture of the sisters about a decade or so later... early 50s. Frankie, Roberta, Mickey/mom, Lois. (Lois is shrinking... osteo)

A picture of mom when she was probably in her early thirties. She didn't smile often. At least not when she was around the house.

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Sandy said...

Elna Gladys...interesting name for sure. I enjoyed seeing your old family photos. I love family history and would like to climb in each photo and know what went on right before the camera clicked, and right after.

Great sharing...sandy

Wanda said...

Love the pictures of the sisters.
How interesting, my husbands mother's name was Frankie, not a nickname, but her real name, and my husbands brother Mitchell, was Mickey!! Funny how names can bring back so many memories. Both are no longer with us....but like the names!!
More good Show and Tell!!!

BJ said...

I loved all the sisters together in a pic! That was great. I like old fashioned names and they are becoming more and more popular. Thanks for sharing the family pics with us. Great Show & Tell.

Nita said...

Crusty, these are some neat old pictures. Lots of memories, huh? I like looking at old family photos.

Did you ever wonder why men seemed to think they should only be sober looking in a photo taken back then?

Thanks for letting us take a peek.

Oh, yeah....and three cheers for cardless garbage men. :)