Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Day's Activity... How Exciting!!

I went to the grocery store this morning. It made me smile, because I was able to do this only a few days before my "payday". Usually I'm just counting the days, but not this month. And I like it. Having my youngest daughter out of state may be a major contributing factor. (insert smug smile here.)


To celebrate fresh fruit, I decided to take a picture of it. However, you may notice that the picture was not taken until after one of the bananas was sampled. I couldn't take a picture and share it with you unless I knew for sure that the fruit was good. And it was good.


As I prepared lunch, I noticed the interesting design of the sliced tomato. It made me think of a Celtic Cross.


And here are a couple of slices enjoying the bed of lettuce I brought out just for them. (I really shouldn't talk as though they were people... it might make me feel guilty eating them. Too late now, though. Burp.)


Here's the finished product before I sat down for lunch. And God said It was good. And it was. In case you were wondering... those are baked Snapea Crisps sitting on the plate with the sandwich. A special treat. For me!! I must have been very very good.
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Sandy said...

I'm hungry...stop this!!

Nita said...

Your sandwich looks good. :)

I've never tried snappea crisps. I like peas, I like crispy anything, so I'd probably like them.