Friday, July 06, 2007


I went to move the link of "The Man Who Planted Trees" to list it under my video links and discovered that it had been removed. Apparently U.S. corporate pockets have decided to make money from it. (Imagine that!) My research indicates the author intended for it to be accessed freely.

Giono believed he left his mark on earth when he wrote Elzeard Bouffier's story because he gave it away for the good of others, heedless of payment: "It is one of my stories of which I am the proudest. It does not bring me in one single penny and that is why it has accomplished what it was written for."

Apparently it can now be found at for some "green". Such a shame. It was a very beautiful and meaningful story/video. I hope most of you got to see it before it was taken down.

So often I feel like vultures are picking at my flesh.....


Sue J said...

Can they actually do that and change the original intention of someone's work? Who's making the money???

The Crusty Crone said...

Sure... or rather apparently they can change original intention of someone's work. Especially after they've died.

The person/company that holds the copyright makes the money. (makes me think about the artists that don't make anything but after they die then the collectors make millions. Just doesn't seem right.)

I got to thinking after I posted this about perhaps the story is free, but the graphics, the beautiful drawings, are not.

I dunno

Sandy said...

That's a shame, I'm glad I got to see it though.

Hey, I had changed things back CC, about that issue we emailed..and now for some reason I can't do it again..I'm stumped and will try again...i'll let you know if I can get it to show up again.

I was heading back home tonight when lo and behold a flat tire..and a bald spare..Will be here until tomorrow when I can get it fixed... So I'll have time tonight up here to work on it..