Thursday, July 12, 2007


I've been wishing for some binoculars for a while now, but either I wasn't willing to pay the price, or the binoculars I could afford looked like toys. Today I saw some at a local Rite Aid store that I was willing to take a chance on... $10. $9.99 to be exact.

They're big and sturdy. (that means a little on the heavy side.) And I like the magnification of them.

What makes me scratch my head is the deal on the price. As I mentioned, the store was selling them for $9.99. The "suggested retail price" on the box is $49.99. An example of markups, to be sure.

Its kind of like the drug companies charging $150 for stuff that costs fifty cents to make. I realize there are processing costs, etc. but this is ridiculous.
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Anonymous said...

What are you going to be watching with those things...I'm hoping the birds...or maybe they will come in handy with some of the not so nice stuff that goes on in your vicinity up there. I have a pair but I always forget to have them with me. I mean, what a choice, my camera up to my eye or the brainer for me...haha.

Wanda said...

What out neighbors!!!! "Rear View Window"....!