Friday, July 06, 2007

Thats One Expensive iPhone!

Whenever something new comes on the market, my philosophy is 'stand back and let the bugs come out first'. (That and 'stand back to let the price come down.') Example.... Apple's iPhone.

I just read an article about the cost and method of replacing the battery for an iPhone. Gulp!! It costs $79 plus shipping costs to replace the battery. And owners cannot replace the battery themselves... they must send it to Apple. (The battery is soldered to the phone.) This takes three business days.

So.... run out there and spend $500-$600 for a phone and be without it for several days every so often. Yeah, now theres a deal to drool for.... oh but wait! They'll let you use a loaner phone for $29. WTF?!?

And this all comes with a minimum of a two year contract at $60 a month. (Or more if you go over minute limits?? I don't know about this.)

Apple use to have a reputation (as I understand it) of being user friendly. Looks like since they hooked up with AT&T (formerly Cingular which has a reputation of lousy reception) it may not hold true. However, it is also my understanding that Jobs had total say so about the phone, so maybe this pile of crap can be place at his feet.

But whatever. I guess if you are willing to pay $600 for a phone, whats the big deal about an $80+ battery charge. However, being without a phone for three or more days is a big deal.

Stand back. There may be exploding consumers soon.


Sue J said...

I have never had any desire to own a mobile phone. From what I've heard of the one sided, usually loud, conversations, they are just used to check up where people are and what they are doing. Anybody wants me, they can use the landline, and catch me when I'm there. They also have yet to convince me that they aren't doing some sort of damage to brain cells. At my age I need to hang on to as many as I can :-)))

Wanda said...

My little old fashioned cell phone that I've had since....and everyone else had these cute little skinny, colorful ones....not me...Wouln't even have one, except I drive to LA by myself often to see my kids and grandkids and it makes my husband feel better!!!
They can keep their expensive ones.

Good Post...thaks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would like a cell phone till I got one, and now its the only phone we have. no land line here. I don't answer if I am on the road unless its Rod calling, (they have different rings for diffrent people).... But They are convenent say... If you are in the store and can't remember what it was you went for... Just call home and ask... WTF was I here for anyway???? (grin)... Also Have you ever lost someone in a store? Just call um and tell them to STAY PUT, and then go where they are... I like them for that too... Yep, they come in handy, but 600???? NO WAY... I don't talk to anyone that is importaint enough to spend that kind of money on...

The Crusty Crone said...

I could and do live without one, but for a while I had one... one that my daughter basically took over (grrr). It was very handy in that I could call her anywhere she was and yell "get my car home NOW!!" hahahaha
And it would be a safety factor if an emergency came up.

Sandy said...

I have one and never use it unless I am on the road. I can't stand it when people talk on the phone while shopping or in a restaurant. Plus, I don't like to talk on the phone..I'm a hermit. I don't want anybody getting ahold of me..