Monday, July 16, 2007

Monday's Show-and-Tell 1

This morning as I'm surfing the blogs, once again the words came out of my mouth. "WTF? You mean its Monday, already?!? What can I use for show and tell??"

I'm running out of things. Well... things I'm willing to put on the web. I looked around for something. What? What? The toilet paper package caught my eye, but I'll hold off on that until I'm really desparate. Which should be next week.

My eye then landed on this blue box at the bottom of a stack of things. I pulled it out. The dust was thick. I wiped it off. It was a pretty blue box. Kind of a gift box I got many many years ago when Barnes and Noble was having a clearance sale. I had gotten this Tarot kit thinking it would make a clever gift for someone. After I got it and put a little more thought into it, I realized there wasn't anyone I knew in person that would be "into" tarot cards. "Oh dear... guess I'll have to keep it for myself. Sigh."

The cards are stacked together and tied with a nice blue ribbon. There is a scarf that is to be used for laying the cards on... and it is not to be used for anything else. "Aye Aye, Sir." And then there is the instruction/description book. A look through it showed LOTS 'O READING needed.

I read a little and then packed everything back up and put it away. Its been put away ever since. And sorry for the shaky photos... I guess I'm still shaking from the ant episode.

Oh.. and if you want to join in, or just read others, go to Sandy's Show And Tell blog.
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Sandy said...

Oh yes...such a familiar story..buying something at B&N on clearance and putting it away...I wrote below about all my sets I have.

I went there just a few days ago and bought the most wonderful clearance books..inspired me to get serious with my sketching and watercolor washes....

BJ said...

Don't we all have things that we bought for someone else and then decided to keep it for ourselves? Or better yet, bought it six months before the occasion and forget that we had it? Oh, the tricks that ones brain can play on you.

I have never done the tarot card thing. But I know someone that blogs that refers to them often.

Good job CC. And I'm with Sandy. That toilet paper thing sounds pretty funny! Can't wait for that one.