Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just Ruminating...


Got my second cup of coffee sitting off to the side. Even though they might be the same, a second or third cup of coffee never seems to taste as good as that first one of the day.

I just got back from sending a money gram to my youngest. I will be so relieved when she gets herself in order and is doing better financially. She's getting a little too old for this and I would like to stop carrying around that mother's worry thing. She's been good about paying it back so thats a good thing... It will just be nice when she doesn't have to do it on a routine basis.

Talk of impeachment is getting louder. I watched a program on PBS yesterday and the historical and constitutional experts talked about how Bush is putting himself above the law and above the constitution. Thats not good. Especially for a psuedo democracy, know what I mean? They mentioned how the check-and-balance folks aren't doing their jobs either (Legislature).... nor is the news media doing a good job. They should be screaming out loud about the offenses to the constitution. (Bush tells Mier she doesn't have to appear before the committee... what the hell is that, anyway?) And lordy, don't let us learn a damn thing from history. We're too busy kidnapping and torturing people. Lets just keep repeating it all, whadda say gang?

It was a good program and good points were made. They vocalized what I couldn't put my finger on... I just knew something was amiss.

The mayor here, on a trial basis, is leaving two public restrooms open at the court house 24 hrs a day with a security guard on duty. I applaud him, but others are screaming "waste of our tax dollars!!" These people have clearly not stepped in human waste or had homeless people urinate on their buildings... otherwise they might think twice. I like the mayor. He seems to know a little bit about what its like to be poor, homeless, or disadvantaged in some way. The screamers just want to get in their SUVs and run over the poor folks. Of course, they'd still be screaming "get outta my way!!" and "Look what you did to my car, damn it. You got your blood all over the grill!!!"

Yesterday was kind of depressing. Nothing in particular happened, but I still felt badly. I had a 'wondering' if I had put my foot in my mouth... again. Sometimes my attempt at humor falls flat and leaves a big stink in the room. Thats all I have to say about that. Want a piece of chocolate?

Then an email I sent out wasn't delivered. That happens here and there all the time... ever since I got my own pc. Trust level for deliveries runs about 75%. Sigh.

I then started getting the chatty phone calls from my youngest. You know, to set the stage for the request. I knew what was happening, but I also know its a good thing to let me have time to process things first. Once that was all done, things seemed to lighten up a bit.

Its a bit muggy today. Cooler now, but muggy nonetheless. Hot and dry/warm and muggy... each have their drawbacks.

Oh... and I almost pooped my pants when I saw how much milk had gone up. Holy Crap, Batman!! When I got up off the floor I had to quickly check to make sure my pants weren't stained. They weren't, so at least I could finish my shopping.
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Wanda said...

CC: Unfortunately, I guess part of this mothering things, is helping out the kids...we've done it for all of ours, swearing we wouldn't the next time. But sometimes it comes back to bless you...My youngest Jill (that we've helped the most) now that she's married, on her feet, has her head on straight....never fails to tell me "Mom, I love you, thank you for never giving up on me!" CC, that makes it worth it all!!!

And yes, and milk is pooping in the pants high!!!!

cat's momma said...

My goodness, you've been posting a lot of thoughts lately and I've been very busy and haven't checked in for a couple of days. I have an 88-year-old "talker" with stories to tell in the house whether the baby is crying and needing attention or the house is on fire...she just talks louder...hahaha...she's hard of hearing. Each story lasts about an hour, and it's difficult to escape and get things done. She is a very healthy 88-year-old and she has a very sharp memory. Anyway, all that to say I finally got a chance to check in and I've enjoyed your meanderings through different subjects. Oh, and she's staying a month instead of the two weeks that were planned....umm-hmmm.

Sandy said...

Yeah..what's that about CM...she is using MY room... Hey CC..I enjoyed your ramblings and meanderings. I knew when he was reelected he would trash the constitution..I knew it then and I know it now!! I guess i'm a psychic...he being in league with....the likes of cheney, rumsfeld...I could keep naming them but what good does that do...although they have kind of faded away into the background..especially rumsfeld..bunch of crooks!

Nita said...

Hi, C Crone. We're having some of the muggy weather too. I swear the mosquitoes are having a convention, and without invitation, in my yard. Seriously! No one else seems to have them. They are ruthless this year.

I'm waiting for the coastal wind to come back!

I have days when nothing is wrong, just something feels wrong. :)

Milk, along with everything else I need, has gone waaay up. On a fixed income, we notice these things immediately. I remember when mom used to add powdered milk to regular milk, and we didn't know it. I suppose powdered milk is too expensive now.

Hope today is a good one for you. And yes....I'll take a piece of chocolate if you're still offering.

Travelling Goddess said...

Good to read you this morning with my morning coffee.

Nothing much to add that others did not say here......I think that all is in order with the government...all is in order so that maybe NOW we can blatantly see that we no longer want to tolerate the nonsence that is going on!!! Enough!! Enough!!

Sometimes things need to be right in our faces for us for us to finally see.