Monday, July 02, 2007

No Prison Time for Libby

Scooter doesn't have to spend actual time in the slammer. No surprise here. If Bush hadn't gotten him out of serving time... now THAT would have been the surprise!!

Scooter was just the fall guy used as a distraction. He was held up as the mirror in a room full of smoke to distract the public. (I would have used the ole 'virgin sacrifice' as an example, but that was just too silly.) His guilt was that he perjured himself. But all the money and time spent on this BS investigation resulted in no one being found guilty for the actual charge of "outing" the CIA operative. NO ONE. It seems to have simply been swept under the rug... again. And that rug is getting so lumpy a person has to be crooked just to walk on it.

The government goes through these little excerises from time to time and have become very skilled at CONGRESSIONAL INVESTIGATIONS. Like thats going to scare any one. All this bullshit and once again the congressional investigation ends up with NOTHING. I don't think they could find their way out of a paper bag!!

In any event... I didn't think Libby should spend time in jail when no one else was going to jail. Based on my understanding of how the government works, Libby was probably the most innocent out of the whole lot. That seems to be what happens. The innocent are found guilty and the guilty get off.

And now the whole thing is last year's news and its all but forgotten.

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