Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"So... Whazzup in the hood, man?"

Sirens to the left of me.... Sirens to the right of me.... and the program COPS is on TV. How appropriate.

We're having a little excitement in the hood. I had made a quick run to the store and on my way back, traffic was stopped at a couple of different places to let several police cars through with their sirens and lights going. They weren't dallying, either.

I got to my apartment and all the while I could hear police sirens coming from various directions. I saw several more police cars wizz by at different times, then came a SERT vechile. (Special Emergency Response Team) A few minutes later a Fire Rescue truck went by and thats when I noticed a TV news helicopter flying over head, circling. Up from the South came another helicopter from a different TV station. I went out to look to see where they ended up going and it looked as though it was a few blocks away.... whatever "it" was.

Apparently four people robbed a liquor store and they abandoned their car about four blocks away from here and each ran out into the neighborhood. It happened at a place where I frequently go by when out shopping. Thats about as close as I want to be to any police action.

The helicopters are still circling, Interstate Avenue is blocked (rush hour traffic, too) and the hunt continues. I must go see if anything else is on the news now.


Sandy said...

Where we live, there are basically hills behind us, of course, houses too..but beyond them...lots of places for a crook to run...We regularly have helicopters overhead with their search lights on. It's very unnerving and I always go around locking up the usually unlocked doors around here...And in case some stranger is reading this and getting my address so they can "visit" believe me..I have one great security alarm system so don't mess with me..LOL...and if you get through the security plan to do some babysitting...

Wanda said...

CC No one, I mean no one has a more exciting blog that you!! I feel like I am in the middle of a CSI series!!!
Stay safe girlfriend.