Saturday, July 07, 2007

Good Luck Stories for 7-7-07

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I was trying to mop my kitchen while listening to NPR on my walkman. The cord to the headphones kept getting in the way. The cheap mop I was using kept leaving dirt marks at the end of a swing of the mop. Then Good Luck stories came on the radio. It made me put down the mop and listen. I ended up smiling and shaking my head.

A father was blind, wore hearing aids, and was bald. One day during a rain storm he was outside looking for his pet chicken. It is believed that his hearing aids attracted the lightening that struck him.... and knocked his hearing aids out of his ears. He laid on the ground for a while, then was able to get up and walked into his home. His wife saw his bewildered look and asked him what was wrong. He shared what had just happened and added that he could now see.... and hear. At first his wife didn't believe him, but he proved it true by reading the newspaper. And hearing his wife without his hearing aids. It was a little while later that he noticed he was also growing hair. By all rights, the lightening should have killed him, but it didn't. Hand of God, Good Luck... same thing in my book.

The second story was about a gramma who won a million dollars from a scratch-off ticket. And then four years later won another million dollars from a scratch-off. The odds of the second win is in the kazillions. I gotta start buying scratch-offs.

Good luck or bad luck. Sometimes its hard to tell until you have the perspective of time passed. Someone shared about their Jewish great grandparents and how they came to the United States. For the World's Fair in St. Louis (?) the great grandfather gathered up a herd of horses and was coming across the Atlantic to show them at the fair. During the trip the horses came down with a disease and they were all tossed overboard. He ended up here without anything. He worked hard, saved his money, and was then able to send for his wife and young child. As the wife traveled to where she would catch the ship, she decided at the last minute to stop off and visit her sister. She had a feeling she might not ever get to see her again. This proved to be true because the family later perished in the holocaust. However, as a result of this last minute side-trip, the wife missed the ship she was suppose to take. The ship was the Titantic. She caught the next ship over and was reunited with her husband. Good example why one might not want to curse the unplanned circumstances in life.

Do you have any "good luck" stories to share?

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I'm gonna give that some thought"..I know I do, but I'm a little dopey today...don't even say it...

but i enjoyed the post...neat stories.. sandy